In Sickness And In Health: The Benefits Of Marriage

You spend hours on end planning your big day and it has finally arrived. You walk down the aisle, say your “I do’s” and dance the night away. Then what? Was it really worth all that pain and stress? Well, the answer is simple. Yes, it was. Aside from spending the rest of your life with your best friend, a good marriage has many benefits to it.

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It’s Good For Your Heart

Our hearts are fragile things. They can be weak and broken. But when we fall in love and get married, they are healthy, and ready to fight whatever comes its way. But not only do our hearts feel better, they physically get better. Our blood vessels get healthier and we are less at risk for heart diseases. Because of these things, women and men who are married tend to live longer than their single, cohabiting or divorced friends, according to CNN’s The Chart. Not only does marriage make our heart healthier, it also makes us physically, emotionally and mentally healthier. We exercise more, eat better and are generally happier, which makes us emotionally and mentally healthy. A good marriage reduces all sort of negative effects that strain our bodies. Web MD talks about how marriage reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure, which boosts your immune system dramatically. Because we are healthier and happier, we develop good habits and suppress our bad ones. A good marriage is good for your heart and health.



When you get married, you’re not only committing to spending the rest of your life with your best friend, you are creating a partnership. This means that both men and women take a role in the household and in duties necessary. This takes major stress off of each party individually, and makes things easier for both. Because we care deeply for our loved one, we remind them to exercise, to take their medication, when their doctor appointment is, and schedule times to socialize with friends. We can often times get lost in our work or our children, and this view of partnership is extremely important. People learn to not only care about themselves, but to take care of their partner when married. This will be extremely important later on in life when sickness or old age come into play.

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It Makes You Richer

Being married can seem like a strain on your wallet. But the truth is that being married helps your financial struggles. Married men make more money than single men with similar schooling and experience, simply because they are married, according to For Your Marriage. Not only do men make more income when married, but couples learn to be smarter financially. Marriage allows you to figure out what it is you really need, what money needs to be saved up for retirement or college funds for your children and how important financial structure is. So not only do you make more money, but you learn to save more.



Love makes you happy, that is no surprise. When you are overfilled with love and joy, married couples have shown to be twice as happy and satisfied with their life in comparison to unmarried people according to Web MD studies. According to City Journal, “40 percent of married people, compared with about a quarter of singles or cohabitors, say they are “very happy” with life in general.” Overall, marriage is meant to make you happy to be spending your life with your best friend, but studies showed that it also makes you physically, mentally, socially and emotionally a happier, more joyful person.

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Married couples love to show compassion towards one another. Having an active sex life both reduces stress and boosts both partners self esteem. Web MD discusses how sex and orgasms increase high levels of oxytocin hormone, also known as the love hormone, which allows us to build levels of trust and bond with our partner. Sex is good for marriage not just in a physically and pleasuring way, but also creates a stronger, more solid partnership and relationship.

Marriage is more than just the big day and the shared home; it’s beneficial to your health, wealth and mind in many ways. So your big day of celebration was worth it all when your stress and anxiety levels go down, your trust builds, and you feel happier and more satisfied with your life!

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