Wedding Tips: Seating Wedding Guests

When you are planning your very own wedding, organizing all of the details necessary to enjoy your big day can be stressful and at times, even a bit overwhelming. Any time you are in charge of seating at a wedding, especially your own, knowing how to seat your guests without hassle can save you time and worry when the big event arrives. Using a few tips and tricks when seating your guests is a way to ensure you are able to get the most out of the biggest day of your life.

Seating Your Wedding Guests

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Consider Your Guests and Available Tables

Before you begin planning your wedding seating arrangement for your guests, it is important to consider the number of guests you have invited to your wedding altogether. Knowing the number of guests you have invited is a way for you to determine the number of tables you will require for adequate seating throughout the event. Also, consider the additional guests that may arrive and plan for a bit of extra seating to ensure all guests have enough space and room to themselves.

Seating Your Wedding Guests

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Designate Ushers

Designating ushers you want to assist with the seating process of your guests is a way to help facilitate the process of ensuring everyone is seated smoothly during your wedding. It is important to review all of the seating charts and plans you have in mind with all ushers you want to help during your wedding prior to the big day.

Finding a Suitable Venue

Once you have the number of guests you have invited set and the number of tables you require you can then begin to search for the most suitable venue for your wedding. Finding a suitable venue can be done with the assistance of a professional or by comparing your options online. Be sure to inquire about space availability for the number of guests you plan on having attend your wedding before booking any space for your ceremony or reception.

Seating Wedding Guests

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Create a Visual Plan

Creating a visual plan is one way to get an idea of how seating should be done for your wedding. Drawing out a mock layout of the venue you have booked for your wedding is a way to show ushers and everyone involved with the wedding planning and seating chart the look and feel of the location you have selected. When you draw table and seating charts, it is much easier for others to memorize where your guests should be seated when the wedding is in process. The more detailed you are with your visual plan, the smoother the seating process is likely to go once the wedding has begun. After creating your own visual plan, you can create an outline for your guests. Here is a great example of a seating plan for guests to follow. Bases on your theme, you can get creative and design a fun personalized seating chart for your guests.

Seating Your Wedding Guests

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Some great tips to help you get creative with your seating designs

Priority Seating

When it comes time to actually creating a seating chart, it is important to consider the guests you have invited and any needs they may have personally. Seating elderly and disabled guests towards the front is ideal, giving them a better view and access to food and entertainment throughout the night. When creating a seating chart for the pews at a church, always ensure elderly guests and those in wheelchairs have an end seat towards the front for immediate accessibility at all times. Seat your immediate family and relatives towards the front, carefully considering which tables they should sit at together depending on personal relationships with one another. You can choose to separate a side for the groom’s family and a side for the bride’s family depending on your personal preferences and how you want the layout of your wedding to appear. Also consider the number of guests you want at each table individually.

Seating Wedding Guests With A Personalized Touch

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Step-family members should be seated first, followed by blood relatives. Because each wedding differs with religious beliefs and practices, it is also advisable to speak with your spouse about his or her wishes when it comes to the seating and overall layout of the wedding itself.

What Can Go Wrong?

Seating relatives who need assistance when moving or walking on their own in the back of the room can cause an upset and the inability to enjoy themselves. Seating enemies or exes with one another is never a good idea, regardless of how civil they may promise to be towards one another. It is important to take into consideration religious beliefs, political or extreme outlooks and even personal relationships each of your guests has with one another before finalizing any seating chart you want to use for your wedding. Related Article: Seating Divorced Parents Planning your wedding seating ahead of time is a way to save on stress while allowing you to find a venue that is truly suitable for the number of guests you want to invite. The more time you spend preparing the details of your wedding before the actual date, the more time you will have to simply enjoy yourself while making memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

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