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Saying yes to the dress is a moment that most brides dream about since they were little girls. You might’ve dressed up as a bride complete with an oversized white dress, heels, and a veil of some sort. Now that your dream is becoming a reality and you’ve already said yes to your dress, it’s time to find the perfect accessory: a veil. There are so many variations of veils that allow you to truly make this accessory your own unique addition to compliment your dress and you perfectly on your big day.

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Wedding Veil Styles

Juliet Cap

The Juliet cap is the epitome of elegance and creativity. This veil usually incorporates beading, crochet, flowers, or the like. It is a mesh cap that is brought together either on the side or back of the head. The veil length that follows the signature cap style is completely up to the bride, as is the flourishings!

juliet cap - la belle

Photo Credit: La Belle

Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil is for both the vintage and simplistic brides alike! It allows for a bride to have the traditional “unveiling” moment without having to deal with the hassle of a long headpiece.

birdcage - anne robert photography

Photo Credit: Anne Robert Photography


Similar to the birdcage veil, the blusher is short and sweet and intended to cover the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle. Unique to this style, you can incorporate a blusher to some of the longer styles if you still want an unveiling but you also love those picturesque veils in the wind moments.

blusher - carmen santorelli photography

Photo Credit: Carmen Santorelli Photography


The fingertip veil is by far the most popular and flattering style out there. Not too short and not too long, this veil sits exactly where the name implies, at the end of the bride’s fingertips.

fingertip - carrie king photography

Photo Credit: Carrie King Photography


Just short of a floor length veil, the ballet veil should fall somewhere between your calf and ankle. Also known as a waltz, this style is perfect for a fitted dress without a train, not to mention, you won’t have to worry about anyone stepping on it!

ballet - jennifer fujikawa photography

Photo Credit: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

Full-Length Veil

Also known as a chapel veil, this style is known to be worn at more formal weddings. Falling just beyond the end of your dresses train, and just before where a cathedral veil would extend, the chapel veil is elegant, timeless and stunning.

full length - kurtz orpia

Photo Credit: Kurtz Orpia


Are you looking for a wow moment? Look no further. The cathedral veil is by far the most formal and royal of all of the options. Remember Princess Diana’s wedding attire? You can’t miss the stunning train and beautiful cathedral veil to match!

cathedral - rebecca hollis photography

Photo Credit: Rebecca Hollis Photography

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Veil

Consider your dress

Think of your dress first. What does your train look like? What does your fit look like? Many bridal stores will adorn you with a veil as you try on your dress. In fact, they’ll typically match you with a veil that is meant for your style of dress to make sure it doesn’t overpower or disrupt the elegance and highlights of the dress itself. When you find your dream dress, use this time to play with the different styles that they have until one matches you, your wedding theme, and your dress perfectly.

Romance Weddings

Photo Credit: Romance Weddings

Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color is extremely important. If you’re looking for the perfect match, know which white category your dress falls into and then the search begins! Are you looking for champagne, ivory, diamond white, or something more unique? A helpful tip is to bring your dress along while going veil shopping (if you didn’t purchase your veil and dress at the same time).

ruth eileen photography

Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

Figure out Your Hairstyle

Choosing your bridal hairstyle will help you narrow down what kind of veil you want. Do you want an updo? If so, a Juliet cap is out of the question. Do you want your hair down? Cathedral length or heavily adorned veils may be difficult to make sure they stay put. Once you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to bring it to your hair trials to make sure it will actually work with your style and it’s exactly what you want for your wedding day!

alison conklin photography

Photo Credit: Alison Conklin Photography

To Tier or not to Tier

Veils come in one or two tier options. The two tier option is if you want to incorporate a blusher to your longer veil. If you aren’t interested in covering your face, one tier may be the way to go for you. One tier veils are less formal and more simplistic but that does not mean it takes away from the elegance factor. You can’t go wrong with either option, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

kurt boomer

Photo Credit: Kurt Boomer

Think of Accessories

Are you thinking of incorporating a tiara? How about a floral crown or clip? What about heavy jewelry? All of those are things to think about when choosing the length and style of your veil. If any of those are true, you should probably stay away from an ornately styled veil such as a Juliet cap, or birdcage. Instead, a minimalist fingertip, floor, or cathedral would work beautifully.

millay & young phtography

Photo Credit: Millay and Young Photography

Something Borrowed or Blue

How are you fulfilling your something borrowed? Ask your family or close friends if they have a veil that you can use for your wedding. You may be surprised to find that they have one that matches your wedding style flawlessly or even a one-of-a-kind antique veil that will knock your socks off.

How are you fulfilling your something blue? One of our favorite trends from 2017 weddings is how creative and daring brides are getting with their veils. Want to incorporate blue and don’t know how? Consider a soft blue ombre veil to do the trick!

lexia frank photography

Photo Credit: Lexia Frank Photography

Wedding Location

Wedding location can be a make or break situation for a veil length. If it’s windy outside, how much do you want a veil blowing in your face? If your wedding is situated in a stunning, yet formal location, will a casual veil match? Much like choosing your wedding theme to match your wedding venue, choose your veil to do the same.

Sophie Epton Photography

Photo Credit: Sophie Epton Photography

All that aside, remember to stay true to who you are, what you’re envisioning for your wedding as a whole, and what you feel the most beautiful in. No matter what you choose, you will be an absolutely stunning bride with a veil that just adds to your radiance. Share your wedding with us and a picture of your gorgeous veil and you may be featured on this blog!

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