Save $1,000 On Your Wedding Without Compromising Your Dreams

professional flush mount wedding album

You’ve probably spent months, if not years, planning your dream wedding. You have everything picked out, from the cake to the flowers to the table settings. Even if you are planning your wedding on a budget, the celebration will still be costly. Weddings and all the factors that go into one are becoming more and more expensive, and some people simply cannot afford to have all the extra amenities in their weddings. Did you know that the average wedding in the US costs over $25,000? With that kind of price tag, you may be looking for ways to cut costs at your wedding without compromising your dreams. One of the easiest ways to save $1,000 on your wedding is by creating your own wedding album.

Why Do I Want A Wedding Album?

Even though every last detail of your wedding was beautiful, the flowers, the cake, the music and the food are all only enjoyed on that day. Your wedding photos are essentially the only lasting reminder of this joyous occasion. A wedding album is the ideal way to tell the story of your big day and display the stunning images your wedding photographer captured. Some brides choose not to create an album and simply keep their images in a digital format, such as in cloud-based galleries or simply saved on a hard drive. Although these are good methods to store your images, they are easily forgotten when they are out of view. There is also the possibility that they can be accidentally deleted or destroyed. You’ll want to keep your precious wedding photos in a much more reliable format. A wedding album is a tangible keepsake that will be kept in a place that you can easily retrieve it and show your friends and family. It is a cherished memento that will preserve the lovely memories in a lasting format.

save money on wedding

Photo Book vs. Album

When brides are looking for ways to cut costs by creating their own photo albums, they oftentimes discover the option of a photo book. But, they may not fully understand what the difference is between a photo book and a photo album. Photo books are a nice way to show images, but the overall quality and feel of a photo book is far inferior to that of a photo album. When it comes to your wedding album, you want something that is high-quality and durable so that it will last for years. The materials used to make photo books are much cheaper than those used to make photo albums, and the difference in quality can be sephoto book vs albumen and felt instantly. When you have such beautiful images documenting one of the most important days of your life, you’ll want to display them in the best way possible. A professional-quality wedding album is the ideal way to showcase your wedding photos, with crisp, vibrant colors and durable, sturdy pages that will stand the test of time.


Professional Photographers and Packages

Professional wedding photographers are very skilled at documenting your wedding day, from the raw emotion and candid moments to the little details and big events. Their job is to make sure the images they produce accurately depict the day. Oftentimes, photographers will offer their services in packages. These packages frequently include their time, edited images delivered either via flash drive or online and a few printed products, such as a wedding album. These types of packages are designed to make you feel like you are getting a great deal, paying one set price for so many different items.But, the wedding albums that are included in these types of packages are oftentimes the most basic wedding album that doesn’t come with any of the features you want, such as a special cover or a certain number of pages. The photographer will charge you much more for you to get the specific album that you want, sometimes up to $3,000, if not more.

metallic photo album cover

The most expensive album BrideBox offers, with features such as a 11×14 size, printed metal cover, 80 sides and manually color-corrected images will cost about $1,500 depending on the exact features you select. This type of premium album would cost $3,000 to $4,000, if not more, with a professional photographer. But this is just the most expensive album we offer; a great 12×12 album with a beautiful leather photo cover and 36 sides will cost less than $750, saving you hundreds of dollars. We even offer a 10×10 black leather cover flush mount album with 30 sides for only $369.99! This price includes manual color correction of each image and a full quality guarantee – if you aren’t fully satisfied with your album, return it for a full refund.

In addition to spending a fraction of the cost, BrideBox’s innovative Design It Yourself software allows you to have full control and flexibility over the look and layout of your wedding album. This is something that cannot be achieved with a photographer.


BrideBox Wedding Albums

BrideBox was created with the intention of benefiting both the bride and the photographer. The bride gets to exercise full control over the design process of her album, making her precious wedding album truly her own, while the photographer saves hours of work post-event. This sort of situation results in huge savings for both parties: the bride spends about a third of the cost on the same beautiful album while the photographer saves valuable time that could be spent at other clients’ shoots.

With the brides in mind, BrideBox offers several different premium albums to suit everyone’s individual tastes and needs.

Lake Album

The Lake photo album is the perfect combination of photo book and album, set at an extremely affordable price. There are three different sizes to choose from (8×8, 10×10, 12×12) and you can choose as many pages as you’d like, from 20 to 80. The wraparound photo cover comes in either glossy or matte, and the flexible, lay flat pages give your album the quality look and feel of a premium wedding album. All of your beautiful images are manually enhanced and printed on professional photo paper using a silver halide printing process, ensuring crisp, clear, vibrant images. The Lake photo album starts at just $109.99.

affordable photo book

Anza Album

The Anza photo album is a stunning, attractively priced flush mount photo album. It is the ideal choice for those seeking a gorgeous keepsake made from only the best materials, but at a wallet-friendly price. The premium black leather cover gives it a classic feel, and each handcrafted flush mount album has thick, sturdy lay-flat pages. This 10×10 album comes with either 20 or 30 sides in either Lustre or Pearl pages. Lustre pages show vivid colors and bright whites, while Pearl paper has a glossy appearance and shows deep, rich colors. Each page is printed as a single photo and then mounted onto a thick, durable cardstock to create a seamless, beautiful viewing experience. The Anza album can be yours starting at $209.99.

affordable flush mount wedding album

Marina Album

The Marina photo album is our top of the line premium photo album, featuring handcrafted binding, true lay-flat pages and flush mounted photos on thick, sturdy pages guaranteed to last for years. It is sophisticated and elegant and offers maximum flexibility in design and format options. Choose from three sizes (10×10, 12×12, 11×14), anywhere from 20 to 80 sides on either Lustre or Pearl paper and  fifteen different cover options in a variety of types and colors to suit your preferences. All of our Marina covers can be engraved as well, personalizing your album even more. A beautiful Marina album starts at just $369.99.

professional flush mount wedding album


How Does It Work?

A stunning, premium, professional-quality wedding album can be yours with just a few simple steps.

1. Choose how you want to design your album.

BrideBox’s innovative, free Design It Yourself tool can either be used online or downloaded to use on your desktop. The online version is quick and easy to use – simply upload your images and drag and drop them into any premade template. The  desktop application allows you to fully control the design and layout of your album, with plenty of different borders, backgrounds and more to really tell the story of your big day from your perspective.

custom wedding album design

2. Select the wedding photos to include.

Once you’ve decided whether you are going to use the online tool or desktop application, it’s time to choose the photos you want to include in your album. Your wedding album tells the story of this magical day, so choose the pictures that depict the important events of the day. You may want to start with photos of you, your partner and your wedding party getting ready, as well as detail shots of your invitations, place settings and other décor. Don’t forget to include images of you reading your vows, the exchanging of rings, the kiss and reception toasts. Be sure to include photos of all of the most important people who attended your wedding as well.

create your own wedding album

3. Design your wedding album.

Design your wedding album using the intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop feature. Tell the story of your big day from start to finish, highlighting the most important events by giving them full-page spreads. Add text and graphics as you wish to truly make this album your own. Or, if you want to have a BrideBox professional designer create your album for you, simply upload the images you’d like to include and choose the features you want to include in your Marina album and you’re ready to go!

design your own wedding album

4. Order your album.

Once you’ve designed and customized your album, simply click the order button and our professional photo lab will start handcrafting your album immediately. Each album is individually reviewed and all images are manually color corrected and enhanced to ensure your album looks great. We offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.

flush mount wedding album creation


What Real Brides Have To Say About BrideBox

Here at BrideBox, we pride ourselves in 100% customer satisfaction. Our gorgeous wedding albums continue to thrill and impress our customers over and over. Read what these brides had to say about their BrideBox Wedding Albums.

“This came out just the way I wanted and I saved so much money on top of it. The quality of the book is great. It was easy to upload the pictures and arrange them in the layouts. Highly recommend.”

– Kate, Apr 01, 2014


“I chose Bride Box because I wanted a professional quality album, but wanted to save money by designing it myself. The album is perfect! It’s exactly as I hoped it would be.”

– Kristine, Jun 18, 2013


“Great product for the DIY bride that wants custom & high-end touches. Pages are nice and thick and the quality is amazing – I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a professional album without spending over $1000+”

– Wedding Wire User


“Bridebox was very high quality with the leather, and lay flat full photo pages. Everyone who looks at it asks who made it and how much it cost (it looks expensive). When I tell them I made it they are surprised.”

– Samuel, Apr 18, 2013

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