How To Re-wear Bridesmaid Dresses

denim shirt over dress

As wedding season approaches, you may have been selected as a bridesmaid for more than a couple weddings. This is a huge honor that you should be ecstatic about; you’ll be a part of the inner circle on one of the most important days of your friend’s life. However, part of being a bridesmaid is having to wear a matching dress that you most likely have little to no influence on. Sometimes this turns out to be quite a large expensive for a dress that you’re required to wear only on one single day! How do you maximize these gowns to become a better investment instead of allowing them to collect dust in the back of your closet? Try out these 5 great ways to re-wear your bridesmaid dresses.

1. Accessorize

The easiest way to transform a bridesmaid dress is by pairing it with different accessories. Earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces, scarves, shoes, belts, hats and any of your other favorite accessories can completely change the look and feel of a bridesmaid gown. Different kinds of jewelry will set the tone for your look, whether it’s huge sparkly earrings or a set of metallic bangle bracelets. Turn your formal gown into a casual daytime look with a floppy sunhat, a chunky belt and a cute flowy scarf. The shoes you choose to pair with your dress matters too – wedges, flats, boots, pumps and stiletto heels all give off a completely different vibe. Whether you’re attending  Sunday brunch or heading to the mall with friends, the accessories you choose for your bridesmaid gown can really change the style and tone of your entire look.

re-wear bridesmaid dresses

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2. Bring it to a tailor

A formal, floor-length ball gown is almost impossible to wear again, unless you’re the type that attends a lot of galas and balls. So how do you repurpose it so that your hard-earned money doesn’t go down the drain? Bring it to an experienced tailor and have him turn it into a dress that more fits your style. Shorten the hem, turn it into an above the knee mini, remove sleeves to show off your arms, turn halter straps into a strapless or simply have him take the fabric in to make it more form-fitting. A good tailor will be able to help you turn your bridesmaid dress into something that can be worn to work, out on the town or casually during the day.

reusing bridesmaid dresses

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3. Layer up

Turn your bridesmaid dress into a skirt or maxi skirt by layering shirts, sweaters and jackets over the top. If the top you’ve chosen looks loose or frumpy, throw on a belt to cinch it in at the waist. This way you get to keep the advantage of the cutest part of the bridesmaid dress – the skirt- but turn it into an entirely new outfit that can be worn day or night. Button down shirts and blouses can also look chic and well put together when paired with a bridesmaid gown with a fuller skirt. Blazers can turn any bridesmaid dress into a work-appropriate outfit. Sheer and lacy overlays can add an interesting level of texture to the standard satin or chiffon bridesmaid dress. Add layers of regular clothing staples to your bridesmaid gown to turn it into a cute everyday outfit choice.

how to rewear bridesmaid dress

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4. Dress it down

Bridesmaid dresses are typically on the more formal side since they are meant for a fairly formal event. This can make it difficult to wear a gown again multiple times since there may not be very many occasions for you to dress up so formally. One great solution is to dress it down with denim jackets and denim shirts. Simply throw a denim top over on top of your dress and pair it with open-toed flats, sandals or flip flops to create the perfect look for any style of bridesmaid gown. If your style is more trendy and chic, try a leather jacket or blazer with long necklaces or a statement necklace for a different look.

denim shirt over dress

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5. Change the color

Love the dress, but hate the color? If the bride found a gorgeous, versatile and re-wearable bridesmaid dress style but chose a hideous shade of dusty rose, just dye it! You can dye both dresses and shoes to turn it into an article of clothing that you would actually wear again. Find a professional salon or dressmaker that can handle this task for you; this way you won’t accidentally turn your dress into a tie-dyed mess.

wearing bridesmaid dresses again

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Bridesmaid dresses are one of the largest expenses you’ll have to incur to be a part of the bridal party. In a perfect world, the gown would be one that completely flatters you in a style and color that you can wear over and over again in daily life. However, if you find yourself stuck with a frock that doesn’t quite work that way, try one of these five tips to maximize the lifespan of your bridesmaid dress.


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