Perfectly Clear: Photo Editing App For Your Smartphone

After instagram took social networking to a new level, there has been a skyrocketing increase in the emergence of photo editing applications. From different filter options, exposure settings, to funny cartoon effects, photo editing applications have taken over the Android Market and Apple’s App Store by storm!


Every Bride knows that pictures last a lifetime, even the ones taken on your smartphone; so it’s essential that every picture taken on your wedding day is perfection.  Unfortunately smartphones (as commonly as they are used for photography) rarely ever capture the right lighting and lack the sophistication of a digital camera.

BrideBox’s solution to these smartphone photographic limitations is one of the leading photo editing apps on the market called Perfectly Clear.  With Perfectly Clear you get all the basics like lighting adjustment, exposure, filter change and red eye reduction.  The application recently and completely redesigned its interface, making it incredibly user friendly; they’ve also added features like “Fix Dark” which significantly brighten even the darkest images.  It is the leading automatic photo adjustment application, editing over 20 million images on a daily basis!

But it gets better; with Perfectly clear you can use skin smoothing features to get rid of possible stress acne you might have developed the night before!! This app also has features that reduces dark circles, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles that poor lighting just put a spotlight on.  Better yet this app has what is known as “Beautify” features.  This truly beautifying features go as far as whitening/brightening your teeth, adding a rouge tint to your cheekbones, and enlarging your eyes and eyelashes; giving you that sultry, seductive Kim Kardashian look!

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