An Old But Tasteful Tradition: Groom’s Cakes

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We all know of the beautiful, carefully thought out and planned, elegant and delicious wedding cake that the newlyweds cut up, smash in each others faces, and enjoy with their guests. But there is a tradition that has been going on for a long time that most people are unaware of. The groom’s cake is a separate cake given to the groom by his bride that represents his personality and his hobbies. The majority of weddings are traditionally focused around the bride and what the bride’s vision and dreams entail, so the idea of a groom’s cake is the perfect way to let the groom have a little something of his own in the wedding. This interesting wedding tradition has been around in the U.K. for centuries.

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History Of Groom’s Cakes

Beginning in the Victorian era in England, groom’s cakes have become a long lived tradition. Slowly starting to occur throughout the U.S. but mainly done in the south, this long lost tradition is making its way back into the wedding industry! The groom’s cakes are a gift from the bride to her groom on this bride-focused day. The idea behind groom’s cakes were that a strong, chocolatey, flavorful cake was put next to the white, feminine and soft cake. There were three cakes that were originally out during the wedding. The first was the wedding cake, given to the guests. Next was the bride’s cake, which was fed to the bridesmaids, and then the groom’s cake, which was given to the groomsmen. Originally, the groomsmen were in charge of creating and decorating the groom’s cake. Luckily, now the soon-to-be-bride is in charge of that, and she leaves it to the professionals.

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The British believed that the stronger flavored fruitcake was meant for the stronger sex who had a stronger stomach, while the soft and elegant white cake was meant for the weaker sex, with a weaker stomach to such strong flavors. Now, the most popular groom’s cake flavors are dark chocolate, fruit or liquor infused cakes, but you can get as creative as you want with it, and any flavored cakes are acceptable.

Legend has it that if a single woman takes a boxed piece of cake home, she must sleep with it under her pillow that same night and will then dream happy visions of her future husband.

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How To Incorporate A Grooms Cake Into Your Wedding

Groom’s cakes are displayed next to the wedding cake or at a separate table, and can be served during the wedding rehearsal, the wedding breakfast, or during the reception. The most popular time to serve the groom’s cake, however, is during the rehearsal dinner. This is because the groom’s family tends to host that evening, and helps make the night a little bit more about the groom, while the actual wedding day is geared a little bit more towards the bride. Groom’s cakes are also meant to be party favors, and leftovers can be given to the guests in boxes to take home.

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Grooms Cakes Ideas

Is your groom not a huge fan of cake? No problem! You can still get him a differently styled groom’s cake. Buy his favorite treats, whether it be donuts or Oreos and make a groom’s cake out of that! Or ask his mother to bake some of his favorite childhood treats to share with his guests on your big day. If you’re using a dessert item that’s something other than a cake, you can get really creative with the grooms cake options. Cake pops make perfect little “people” in stadium stands, donuts can be used as wheels or tired on a truck or bicycle and brownies can be cut into any shape that you want.

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Typically, groom’s cakes represent the grooms favorite hobby or interest, and are often times sports, alma mater, food or travel themed. The beauty of a groom’s cake is that you can let your creativity run wild and really create something special and unique for your partner.

After having all the focus and attention on them, most brides are happy to give this gift to their groom to allow him to feel just as special in this day they are sharing together. Grooms are thankful for the time and effort spent on this gesture from their soon-to-be-bride.

This wonderful tradition allows the bride to make part of the wedding special for the groom. While the bride gets excited and emotional at her beautiful tiered cake, the groom can enjoy the special gift from his brand new wife.

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