My Beautiful BrideBox Wedding Album by Carina Mead

wedding album review

The process of creating our wedding album was a breeze. We chose the Marina album and couldn’t be happier with the design process and outcome. BrideBox uses their own software to make the design process as easy as possible. After going through hundreds upon hundreds of photos trying to figure out which ones to include and not to include, my brain really appreciated the break that provided. I loved the multiple layout options and how easy it was to zoom, crop, or change a photo from color to black and white. The tool to rearrange the order of pages was also incredibly user-friendly (thankfully, since I think I rearranged them about 50 times before I made up my mind).

DIY wedding album

When we received our album, I was taken aback by the quality. I knew it would be high quality, I just didn’t expect it to be like this! It felt luxurious and important. It came in a beautiful fabric bag inside of a sturdy black box. The album itself had a weight to it that denoted importance and sentimentality. I was pleased to see that the pages laid flat when open, which is very nice when you have a photo that spans more than one page, like our large family photo. No one got cut in half!

BrideBox wedding album

wedding album review

The thickness of the pages is really a key feature. This album feels like it will last forever and like I can pass it around without any concern that a page will be torn or damaged from being looked at so much. The pages practically turn themselves and I feel safe letting little hands look at our wedding photos without any fear of them being damaged. The quality of the photos is also stunning. I didn’t expect the colors and details to come out so vividly and clearly. Our photos look better in the album than they look on my computer!

BrideBox review

We are so pleased with our album. It is a beautiful, timeless representation of that sweet and adventurous day that is now just a memory. I feel assured that this album will last for generations and can be safely handed down for a long time before showing any signs of age or wear. It is truly a beautiful piece of art that I feel proud to share and enjoy with family and friends.

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