These Amazing Photos Will Make You Cry

Wedding days are full of emotions and there are guaranteed to be tears at almost every ceremony (tears of joy, of course!). These amazing photos capture the most touching moments in some of the most beautiful love stories to date.

1. The three Swales sisters were each already engaged, but decided to push the ceremony earlier and have a joint wedding so that their terminally ill mother Becky could be a part of it. Sadly, Becky Swales passed away just twelve hours after the ceremony, but her daughters were able to fulfill her final wish of seeing them walk down the aisle.

sisters fulfill dying wish most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: Colors of Life Photography

2.  After his wife Ali passed away from a rare form of lung cancer, Ben Nunery decided to move out of the house that they had bought together. Before closing that chapter of his life, he and his daughter recreated his favorite wedding photos that were taken in that house. These heartfelt photos are full of love and will be cherished forever along with the memories of Ali.

father daughter recreate wedding photos

father and daughter most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: loft3photography

3. This beautiful shot by Vic Pellicier captures the unparalleled bond between a mother and a daughter. This proud mama could not be any happier for her daughter on this special day. A bursting mix of emotions can be seen on her face and the love and joy can be felt through this heartwarming photo

mother daughter most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: Vic Pellicier

4. Ashley Davisson’s mother Patty was diagnosed with cancer five months after her daughter got engaged. Unfortunately Patty’s health worsened in the time leading up to the wedding, so she was unable to attend in person. Thanks to modern technology, Patty was able to attend the ceremony and reception via Skype from her hospital bed. This heartwarming photo shows her watching her daughter and new son-in-law share their first dance together as husband and wife.

wedding ceremony via skype most touching photos

Photo Credit: USA Today

5. Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly prove that love can truly overcome any obstacle. Taylor was hit by an explosive device while in Afghanistan and as a result became a quadruple amputee. This sad incident did not keep the two apart – they are still together and Taylor gets stronger and stronger every day.

Taylor Morris Most Touching Wedding Photos

Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly

Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly Most Touching Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Tim Dodd

6. Wu Conghan and Wu Sognshi have been married for nine decades. When they got married in 1924, cameras were not readily available and were only for the very wealthy or privileged. 88 years after their wedding day, they were finally able to take wedding portraits at the ages of 101 and 103, respectively. Their proud smiles are indicators that they have found they key to lifelong love and happiness.

first wedding photo most touching moments

Centenarian couple most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

7. Lauren Colclasure was getting ready for her big day as all brides do and was preparing for the moment that her stepfather, the man she calls “dad,” would walk her down the aisle. Finally ready, she started making her way down the stairs. Her stepfather was at the bottom of the stairs, not yet dressed for the big day. The raw emotion displayed in his tearful and joyful reaction shows how much love he has for his little girl.

father of the bride most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: Anne Almasy

8. Victoria Torres was in the midst of planning her wedding when her father, Walter Schupp Jr., suffered a massive stroke. She and her family were given the option to have the doctors perform an extremely risky surgery on him, and they decided to go ahead with it. The operation was successful and though he was barely able to walk or talk post-surgery, Walter made amazing progress and was able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding just one short month later.

walking with dad most touching photos

singing to dad most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: Huffington Post


9. Trying on wedding dresses is an exciting time for all brides-to-be. Ruth Sullivan never got the opportunity to partake in this joyous activity due to the fact that when she got married in 1946, World War II had just ended and there weren’t a lot of big weddings at the time. Although her husband passed away in 2004, Ruth always wondered what she would look like in a wedding gown. Thanks to Second Wind Dreams and David’s Bridal, Ruth was finally able to try on a true wedding dress at the age of 92.

trying on wedding dress most touching photos

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide

10. The “first look” of when a groom finally gets to see his bride on their special day is one that is often captured by wedding photographers. This one in particular captures so many different emotions that it really makes you feel like you are there with the happy couple. The groom is overcome with tears of joy at the sight of his gorgeous bride, and the bride is laughing at her future husband’s emotional reaction.

first look bride most touching wedding photos

Photo Credit: Imgur

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