Modern & Fun Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Outside of pictures and videos, the one true thing that makes you reminisce of your big day is your wedding guest book. You allow your guests to give you well wishes and you’re able to treasure their handwriting and phrases for the rest of your lives. That being said, the traditional idea of a guest book is long gone. Many couples are opting for more exciting ways to display their guest’s sentiments. Check out these modern day options that may fit you and your big day:

Polaroid Guest Book

Polaroids are making a comeback, and we’re definitely not complaining! This form of a guest book makes it fun for you AND fun for your guests as you give them an activity to do! Just make sure that when you are preparing, you get enough film for your guests to snap a picture for your guest book and another for themselves. Also, consider getting fun patterned tape for them to tape in the polaroid pictures and write their note next to.


Photo Credit: Make Merry Events

Puzzle Pieces

There are a few ways you can do this. You can either have your guests sign the front or the back. If you decide the front, consider a fun monogram but nothing too intricate or colorful or else the signatures won’t be as prominent. If you go with signing the back, then you can choose a great colorful picture – consider one from your engagement shoot!


Photo Credit: Shutterfly

Globe Trotters

Are you two world travelers? If so, what a better way than using a simple globe for your guests to write on? A fun idea to make it even more personal: have them pinpoint their favorite travel destination and write in the location, their favorite activity, and their note to you. That way you have a perfect map to travel for the rest of your lives!


Photo Credit: Rachel Pearlman Photography

Decorative Wedding Guest Book

Get creative! You can find a simplistic art piece that means something to you and your fiancé. Or, you can create a reclaimed wood piece complete with painted calligraphy or your new monograms. Grab some paint pens or sharpies and give your guests the reins!


Photo Credit: Jonathan Young Weddings

Succulent Garden Additions

Succulent gardens are beautiful, easy to maintain, and long lasting! The best part about them is that you can also add fun and unique touches to make it your own! Have your guests sign sand dollars, shells, or stones and sprinkle them throughout your garden. You can even give succulents as a wedding favor so they can start their own garden!


Photo Credit: DIY Bride

Wine it Up

Have your guests sign wine corks that you accumulate during your engagement months, or get 5 different bottles of your favorite wine that you can drink to celebrate select anniversaries.


Photo Credit: Cameron Reynolds Photography


While similar to the reclaimed wood idea, this is something that is a bit more functional than a piece of art. Use it in your mudroom, next to your door to take off your shoes, or just a decorative piece on your porch.

bench wedding guest book

Photo Credit: Cross Creek Ranch

A Novel Idea

Perfect for bookworms! You can choose your favorite novel or children’s book and your guests can sign on any page they desire. Have an array of colors for them to choose from so it really stands out for when you go back to look at their advice and comments!

wedding guest book children's book

Photo Credit: Tried and True

Engagement Photo Album

After the wedding, your engagement pictures kind of fall to the waist side. Instead, create a wedding guest book that features your favorite engagement pictures and allows for space for your guests to add their own touch and sentiments as well!


Photo Credit: Limefish Studio


The holiday season always brings a joyous feeling. The addition of a memory of your wedding is just icing on top of the cake!


Photo Credit: Bartlett Pair Photography


Like the novel, you may opt for a Bible for your guests to sign in. Switch it up and have them highlight their favorite verse and add their name and advice next to it.


Photo Credit: Colin Cowie Weddings


Sitting back and relaxing on your couch together as a new couple can only be topped with the addition of a quilt with advice and well wishes from all of your loved ones.


Photo Credit: Priscila Valentina

Video Montage

While photos are wonderful, a video montage can be even more personal. You’re able to watch their emotions, hear their tone, and relive that day over and over again. Combine all of the messages together to create a montage to get you through those tough days! video montage can be even more personal. You’re able to watch their emotions, hear their tone, and relive that day over and over again. Combine all of the messages together to create a montage to get you through those tough days!


Photo Credit: Ali Harper Photography

From wine and videos to blankets and novels, these wedding guest books are truly changing the standard ideals. With new non-traditional ideas popping up every day, what is your favorite wedding guest book idea? if you have some other new or unique idea for a wedding guest book, please share below…

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