How to Avoid the Most Common Wedding Mistakes

Most Common Wedding Mistakes

Your wedding day is a joyous event full of family, friends, music and food. Every bride and groom hopes their wedding will survive any minor hiccups. However, there are a few common mistakes that can quickly dampen the mood of your wedding ceremony and reception. This article details five such mistakes and what you can do to prevent them.

The Brides Makeup and Hair

Brides usually want to look their very best on their wedding day. For many brides, this may involve wearing their hair in a style they generally don’t use. If the bride is not accustomed to the new look, she might not know how to easily fix her hairstyle if it starts to fall apart. Some brides avoid their normal makeup routine and choose a more elaborate look. If a bride’s makeup is new to her, she might experience an allergic reaction. Any of these situations can lead to a mess in the wedding pictures.


Brides can prevent this mistake by having a hair and makeup trial. A few weeks before the wedding, the bride can have her hair stylist and makeup assistant practice the new look on her. This will give the bride a chance to ensure she’s not allergic to the makeup and that she can spend the day with an elaborate hairstyle. Brides can also hire a makeup and hair assistant to come to the wedding to help prevent any appearance problems.


Family Drama

Some families experience more family drama than others. For many families, major events can bring the worst out of people. Explosive drama at your wedding can lead to a complete disaster for you and your new spouse. The last thing you want is a food fight during your first dance. Inviting rude family members can become a major wedding mistake.

You can avoid family drama in a few ways. First, if you have an unruly family member, consider not inviting him at all. If you must invite everyone, seat people with care. Keep the family members who don’t get along away from each other. Ask a trusted family member to play peacekeeper during the wedding activities. If any guest acts out in an inappropriate manner, ask her to leave.

Ceremony Mistakes

Elaborate wedding ceremonies rely on many people to succeed. If just one person forgets what they need to do, you could end up with a party of confused people. If the music doesn’t work properly, you could be left walking up the aisle to silence.

The best way to avoid any mistakes during the ceremony is to practice with every single person involved. Don’t just assume you can tell someone where to stand and they will do it correctly. Use the night before your ceremony to practice the program with the whole group. If one practice isn’t sufficient, do it again.

Wardrobe Issues

More than a few brides have experienced issues with their wedding gown. Many brides simply aren’t accustomed to wearing such intricate and long dresses. Some brides choose dresses that don’t fit well. Stylish wedding shoes can be a problem as well; many brides aren’t used to wearing heels for extended periods of time.

Most Common Wedding Mistake

Brides can avoid wedding wardrobe mistakes by buying the right gown. When the bride shops for a dress, she should only seek out dresses she can stand to wear for the whole day. A loose and light-weight dress will hold up well to the rigors of an all-day party. Some brides purchase a second dress to wear for the reception. If a bride is concerned about wearing heels, she should spend time breaking in her new shoes before the ceremony.

Wedding Crashers

Sometimes, a wedding can attract a few unwanted guests, including strangers or acquaintances that you didn’t invite. These wedding crashers may just blend in with the crowd, but some may become unruly and rude to you and your guests. If your wedding crashers are also your friends, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable battle of words.

If you’re worried about wedding crashers, choose your venue with care. For example, a reception held at a very public place, such as a popular beach, will easily attract a few curious strangers. A private venue space with a doorman will help you keep out strangers and other unwanted guests. If you have a wedding website, avoid announcing the location of your reception.

Some brides and grooms decide to not invite children to their wedding. Occasionally, a disrespectful guest may choose to ignore this guideline and bring her children anyway. In this case, there may be little you can do to avoid an ugly confrontation. If you’re concerned about this situation, talk to each guest ahead of time to confirm that they won’t bring their children.

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