8 Halloween-Themed Wedding Ideas

Halloween Themed Wedding

Fall is the time for pumpkin drinks, walking through fallen leaves and a holiday we all love… Halloween. Some October-wedding-date couples choose to embrace the timing of their big day with the spooky holiday by having a Halloween-themed or Halloween-inspired wedding. These festive ideas may make your wedding pretty quirky but keep in mind that having a Halloween-themed celebration does not mean your big day can’t be the classy wedding you’ve always imagined.


Whether you prefer creating simple wedding invitations or something more elaborate and personal, a Halloween theme helps your invite pop out with colors and (potentially) a festive theme! If you are going with a Halloween-inspired theme, you can stick with a classy format and embed orange and black colors into the invitation with a silhouette of a tree or an owl. If you are embracing the theme full-heartedly, your invitation can be include more obvious symbols of the holiday, such as spider webs, bats or a haunted house.

Halloween Themed Wedding Invitation

Photo Credit: Purple Trail

Halloween Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Purple Trail

Guest Attire

In every wedding, the couple must make a decision whether or not to include a specific wedding attire theme. For some, that means a Black Tie or Semiformal theme, but for Halloween lovers, you can do anything from black lace to full fledged costumes. If you want to do a full costume theme but are nervous about some guests showing up in something inappropriate (we all know those people) consider either mentioning that there will be children in an asterisk in the invite or creating a specific costume theme such as spooky, Halloween movie character, circus, etc. No matter the attire decision, it is important that you mention it in the invitation; even with no specific dress code, if guests know that your wedding is themed, they will not be sure how to dress.

Halloween Wedding Theme Attire

Photo Credit: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to your wedding dress, the most important thing is that you choose something you will love. If you have any hesitation at all about giving up the perfect white dress, then don’t! There are so many options for how your dress can look. First of all, it is important to mention that there is nothing wrong with buying a classic dress and not adding anything theme related to it. However if you want a white dress but to still be festive, you can add all sorts of items to your outfit. Consider adding a vintage touch to your look with a brooch, black-net birdcage veil, black gloves, sewing black lace throughout the dress, or antique jewelry. If you are fully committed to the Halloween theme, opt for a black dress or even a costume (perhaps combine the two with a Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride look).

Halloween Wedding Theme Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: Wedding Shoppe Inc.

Halloween Theme Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: Vera Wang

Make Up and Hair

If you don’t want a full face of make up costume-style, consider going for a slightly dark look. Dark eye shadow and lipstick are perfectly Halloween-themed while still classy. If you prefer staying away from dark make up, try a bright red lip color. Similarly, you want the perfect hairstyle to fit your preferences but some styles work better with a Halloween theme than others. Pick one of many ways to have your hair up, creating a neat and sharper look.

Halloween Themed Wedding Accessories

Photo Credit: Tombo Millinery

Food and Drinks

Fortunately, beverages and foods are one of the most fun parts of a Halloween Wedding theme because there are so many great festive options. Fill your menu with all sorts of pumpkin spice and apple beverages and snacks. For drinks, you can make various options of soft drinks, ciders beers and cocktails for either pumpkin or apple. Try a pumkin-cinammon-rum punch paired with a warm apple crumble. Combine the two for a pumpkin-apple cider. For a main course, try a pumpkin curry or a meat and veggie stew with apple slices.

Halloween Wedding Drinks Food

Photo Credit: Food Network

Wedding Cake/Desserts

Similarly to your wedding dress, if you’ve always dreamed of a classic white cake, keep it in the itinerary. Instead of getting rid of the white cake altogether, just add color on or around it on the table. If you want your cake to be as themed as the rest of the celebration, go with dark colors or drawn on spider webs for a spooky feel. Make sure the bakery you choose has the right idea of what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can replace a wedding cake with a collection of cupcake and candy options. Have cupcakes with orange (and if you’re daring, black) frosting with spider and bat edible decorations. For the candy buffet, include candy corn and candy pumpkin.

Halloween Inspired Wedding Cakes

Photo Credit: Emma Strend

Halloween Wedding Dessert Buffet

Photo Credit: Christine’s Cake Creations

Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkins serve not just as great food and drink options, but as decorations as well. Full pumpkins make for cute décor you can put on the ground or as table centerpieces. You can also use Jack O’ Lanterns sparingly as very festive decorations. We recommend not filling your venue with them, however, because the carved pumpkin can be intense on the eye.

Wedding Jack o Lantern

Photo Credit: Jill Johnson Photography

Photo Booth

Add a fun twist to wedding photos with a photo booth! Photo booths create nice pictures that the guests can take with them as memorabilia. Near the photo booth include costume props to turn up the Halloween theme even more prevalently. To take things up a notch, you can even create a photo shoot corner that has a dark backdrop and spooky decorations.

Halloween Wedding Photobooth

Photo Credit: Ali Express

If your wedding falls around the same time as a holiday, whether on purpose or by accident, embrace the good timing! Whether subtly incorporating Halloween-inspired décor or having a full Halloween wedding, make it your own and enjoy your big day! For more Halloween Wedding accessories, check out these tips.




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