The Epic Guide to Groom & Groomsmen Attire

groomsmen attire - alexandra meseke photography
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Having a dapper husband waiting for you at the end of the aisle and groomsmen to match, is something that you may have dreamed about since you were a little girl. Unfortunately, the world of groom and groomsmen attire is more complicated than you might think. From buying to renting (online or in store) you’re plagued with a million options that are just slightly different. Here’s what you need to know before you start shopping!

groomsmen attire - natalie watson

Photo Credit: Natalie Watson

Suits vs. Tuxedos

The first step is deciding if you want a suit or tuxedo. With pro’s and con’s to both, let’s take it back to the definitions and why you might one over the other:

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Photo Credit: onelove Photography

  • What is a suit?
    • A suit can come in many different colors and cuts. While it’s not as fancy as a tuxedo, it’s still dashing, charming, and picture-worthy. A suit lacks the cummerbund and satin but does include a matching vest and customizable colors and fabrics that aren’t available in tuxedos.

groomsmen attire - perry vaile photography

Photo Credit: Perry Vaile Photography

Your ultimate choice between suit or tuxedo for your groom and groomsmen attire should be based on your wedding theme, venue, time of the ceremony, and first and foremost your personal preference as a couple.

Ties vs. Bow Ties

Now that you’ve chosen between a tuxedo or suit, it’s time to choose bow tie or tie. Are you team bow tie? If so, know that it’s normally considered the more formal option. However, they work perfectly for both tuxedos and suits alike! If you’re team tie, then you’re team suit. Ties will typically offer more variety in textures, patterns and size options. The choice is up to you!

groomsmen attire - anna routh photography

Photo Credit: Anna Routh Photography

Belts vs. Suspenders

Next stop, keeping their pants in the right place. For this, there are again, two options: belts and suspenders. Belts are classic, reusable, and timeless. However, if you go this route, they must match your shoe choice perfectly. Suspenders are the more dapper of the two options. Typically used with pants that have no belt loops or in weddings that want something unique and glamorous.

groomsmen attire - alexandra meseke photography

Photo Credit: Alexandra Meseke Photography

Fashion Faux Pas Alert: Choose either, or. Belts and suspenders are not meant to be paired together!

Is Texture for you?

Some brides want to move past the standard fabrics and add some texture and depth to the groomsmen attire that they choose. Incorporating fabrics such as wool or tweed will do just this and add a unique addition to your wedding. If you aren’t sold on incorporating that much texture, consider a mix-matched blazer or vest, tie or bow tie or some combination of the two!

groomsmen attire - lucy g photography

Photo Credit: Lucy G Photography

Spice it up With Separates

Who said you can’t mix and match? Switch it up on wedding traditions and have different colors, style or textures for your blazer, shirt, or pants. If you aren’t committed to wearing this for the whole wedding, have it as just a ceremony or reception option! While these aren’t typical, they are gorgeous, trendy, and will add an extra pizzazz to your wedding pictures!

groomsmen attire - omalley photographers

Photo Credit: O’Malley Photographers

Accessories are Key

While you’ve chosen a suit/tuxedo, tie/bow tie, and vest/cummerbund, you aren’t quite done yet! Here are some ideas to complete your groomsmen attire!

  • Boutonnieres – typically provided by the bride and groom. Make sure that the groom’s boutonniere is slightly different to set him apart from the rest of the crew.
  • Cufflinks – some rental companies will include standard cufflinks to the package. If you’re looking for something that matches your wedding’s color theme or wanting a fun personalized gift for your groomsmen, cufflinks could be the perfect option!
  • Socks – we’ve all seen those awesome Pinterest sock pictures that are completely customized and thought out. You may be surprised, but many couples forget about planning for this!
  • Pocket Square – first of all, you have to figure out if you want a pocket square or not. If you do, you probably want it to match the shirt. Rental companies will typically handle this for you, but if your groomsmen are buying keep that in mind!
  • Watch – Brides, if you’re reading this, watches are a great accessory to gift your groom on your wedding day. While sometimes over used, it’s timeless (no pun intended), and a memorable item that can be passed down through generations.

groomsmen attire - ruth eileen photography

Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

Match Your Groomsmen Attire with Shoes

Number one key to choosing shoes is making sure they match the rest of your outfit. Do your suspenders have leather on it? Make sure the shoes match that shade of leather. Same goes for your belt! Have you always wanted to wear boots? Well, a skinny fit suit may not go well with that style. Before making a final decision, try it on to make sure they all match and are cohesive!

groomsmen attire - onelove photography

Photo Credit: onelove Photography

Groom, groomsmen, bride or bridesmaid, which tips helped you choose your wedding day attire? Share your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below!

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