10 Wedding Planning Tasks Your Groom Can Handle

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Wedding planning can be a very bride-centric experience, with many of the tasks being focused on you and your idea of a dream wedding. However, your fiancé and groom-to-be is still responsible for participating in the wedding planning process. After all, he’s the one that will be standing up there with you as you say your “I dos!” Get your groom involved in planning the most important day of your lives with these tasks that are fun, exciting and require just the right amount of responsibility.

1. Honeymoon

The honeymoon isn’t technically a part of the big day, but it certainly falls into the realm of wedding planning. Your honeymoon is your ultimate vacation together, providing an opportunity to be alone and enjoy married life in an exotic and relaxing location of your choosing. Asking your hubby-to-be to help out with the logistics and planning of the honeymoon is a great idea because it’s in his best interests to plan the trip of a lifetime. If you’ve already got a general idea of what you want your honeymoon to be like, give him some guidelines and ask him to plan the rest. The most important thing is to keep an open and clear line of communication so that neither of you feels overwhelmed or pressured, or worse, disappointed with the results.

planning honeymoon

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2. The Guest List

As you may have realized by now, almost everything related to your wedding budget relies heavily on your guest list. Coming up with a group of people that are important enough to you to be present on your wedding day is easy, but it’s narrowing it down to those who matter the most in order to have a feasible number and budget that is super difficult. Since about half of the invitees will be from him, it’s absolutely crucial that your groom is involved in planning the guest list. By working together and coming up with rules and exceptions for who gets an invite, you’ll be able to whittle your head count down to a venue and budget-friendly number.

planning wedding with groom

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3. Reception Menu

Whether you’re planning a sophisticated brunch wedding or an intimate backyard reception, the food you serve sets the tone for the day and keeps your guests happy and fed. It also keeps both you and your groom happy and fed. What better way to get him involved in planning than with the reception menu? Regardless of if you’re having a plated set menu, a buffet or a late night food truck, his ideas and tastes matter. Attending food tastings and making decisions on the dinner menu and any other snacks you plan to serve is a fun and exciting task that he’ll be able to take charge of.

food trucks at weddings

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4. Wedding Cake

Another wedding planning task you’ll both be able to enjoy is the cake tasting. There are so many flavors of cake and frosting that it’s important that both of you find a combination that you like. Plus, if you’re planning on having a groom’s cake, then it’s important for him to coordinate a design and flavor that he loves. In addition to a traditional wedding cake, you might choose to have a dessert table at your reception as well, meaning there will be even more treats for you to try! Bring your fiancé along for all of the consultations and tastings so that he will feel like he is really a part of the decision-making process.

wedding cake tasting groom tasks

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5. Alcohol and Bar

If there’s any single part of a wedding that a groom might care about most, it’s the bar and alcohol situation. Sure, you’ll have a basic selection of wine and champagne for toasts, but creating signature cocktails or providing specific types of liquor or beer is something that many grooms not only enjoy, but take pride in. Give him the chance to let his personality and creativity shine via the alcohol and bar options at your wedding.

groom planning wedding

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6. Suits and Tuxes

You may have an idea of what you want your groom and his groomsmen to look like on the big day, but he should be able to contribute his own ideas and vision to what he’s going to wear. He should also be very capable of getting his best man and groomsmen fitted and accessorized, so delegating your groom to be in charge of suits and tuxes and anything related to the matter is a great idea. You can always check in to make sure that everything is moving along as expected, but this is one task that he can take control of.

groom responsibilities suits

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7. Gift Registry

Registering for wedding gifts can be a tedious task, but it’s something that all engaged couples need to do prior to the big day. Your registered gifts can be anything ranging from kitchen supplies and furniture to cash or a honeymoon fund. Once you’ve reached a mutual decision on what kinds of presents you want from your guests, he can be in charge of actually registering for the gifts on various websites as well as keeping your guests updated by email, Facebook or on your wedding website.

wedding gift registry

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8. Writing Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are emotional, intimate and personal. If you plan to exchange unique vows, it’s important that you both write your vows on your own. This is one item on the to-do list that cannot be delegated to others; you should both be writing words that speak from the heart and are honest and true. You can provide him with articles and links to help point him the right direction, but writing your wedding vows should be an individual process.

groom writing wedding vows

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9. Wedding Music

Get the party started with the right playlist! Your fiancé should know what kind of music you like and what’s appropriate for the guests that will be attending. Have him be in charge of selecting specific songs for your band or DJ to play. The songs that he chooses will set the scene for the reception, so if you’re aiming for a relaxed, elegant evening instead of a loud dance party, be sure to mention that to him ahead of time.

choosing wedding music

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10. The Ring

He may be choosing your wedding ring based on pictures you’ve shown him for inspiration, but actually purchasing and picking up the ring is his duty before the wedding. It’s also his job to keep the ring in a safe place so that it’s ready to go at your wedding ceremony. He may choose to delegate the safekeeping to his best man or another trusted groomsman, but making sure the wedding ring is ready and stored safely is a task that he will proudly take on.

groom responsibilities wedding ring

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Wedding planning is a team effort, and it’s important to remember that his opinions matter as well as yours. Even if you want to take control of the entire process, asking your partner for his help will alleviate some of the pressure and stress while simultaneously giving him the chance to add touches of his personality and creativity into the wedding day. Remember that it’s his wedding too, meaning that he should be able to share his input and ideas, but also share some of the responsibilities of planning the big day.


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