7 Fun Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ to Your Wedding Guests

Creative Wedding Thank You

Your wedding is almost here and it’s going to be magical! You picked out a gorgeous dress, you’ll share a romantic kiss or two with your hubby, and best of all, you’ll celebrate with your loved ones! When the time comes, you will take care of the most important things to do directly after the reception, but there’s one more thing you don’t want to forget: find a creative way to say thank you to all of your lovely wedding guests who helped make the night so special! Although these cards will go out after the weekend, you may want to prepare ahead of time. If you are searching for an original way to spread the love, check out these 7 fun wedding ‘thank you’ ideas!

Use Props

One of the most creative ways to make your ‘thank you’ notes personal and creative is by adding props to your photo. This option allows you to customize your card specifically to you and your partner. Whether the theme makes reference to your honeymoon destination, where you two met, or decorations that you will walk alongside down the aisle, the picture will be original and personal. These props may include an umbrella, flowers, seashells, a picture frame, candles, or anything else that fits you!

Creative Wedding Thank You

Photo Credit: Louisa Podlich Photography

Different Language

There are weddings that require some guests to travel, and there are weddings that by nature require all attending guests to travel. Many couples that expect traveling guests prepare destination party favors for guests’ arrivals. If your wedding is taking place at a destination where the common language is different from your own, a ‘thank you’ sign written in the home language of your wedding country is a cute way to personalize your note! A ‘thank you’ sign in a different language also makes sense if you and your partner speak a language at home that is different from many of your guests.

Wedding Thank You Language

Photo Credit: French Wedding Style


Chalkboards are a fun way to write messages, and what better message than thanking your guests for helping make your celebration so great? Taking a photo of you and your SO holding a chalkboard that thanks your guests is a cute and fun way to make the message loud and clear! With this one, you can get as simple or as elaborate as you’d like!

Wedding Thank You Creative Chalkboard

Photo Credit: Zazzle

Involve Your Bridal Party

There are a lot of photos you want to be sure your photographer captures throughout your wedding. It may even be a good idea to create a wedding photo shot list. Of course, you want to come out with some great photos of you and your bridal party; they are after all the people you have chosen as your best men and women! One fun way to send out a big ‘thank you’ after the wedding is by capturing a picture of the couple with the bridal party, spelling out your gratitude.

Wedding Thank You Note Bridal Party

Photo Credit: WonderHowTo


If you’re the kind of woman who likes a classic touch, you’ll probably wear a beautiful classic wedding dress, you chose a classic wedding theme, and you will probably pick out a classic wedding song. So why not keep the ‘thank you’ notes to your guest as classic as you? ‘Thank You’ signs are a great way to keep your message clear and simple, but still cute and original.

Wedding Thank You Signs

Photo Credit: Kris Labang Photography


Perhaps you like the idea of signs but want to spice it up just a little? Similarly to signs, ‘thank you’ banners are an easy and creative way to show your appreciate to your guests. Banners tend to leave more room for creativity with colors and designs, while still keeping things fairly simple.

Wedding Thank You Banner

Photo Credit: Etsy


If you want to send out a thank you card to your guests without planning a photo ahead of time, that’s fine too! Similarly to all the aforementioned ideas, there is a lot of preparation that goes into writing thank you cards for your guests. Even if your card does not include a previously planned photo, you still have the power to decide how creative or simple to keep your design. You can keep things concise or write a heart-felt message. You can use only text or you can include a photograph of you two from the wedding. With wedding cards, you can creatively show your gratitude without having to prepare a specific photo ahead of time.

Thank You Cards

Photo Credit: Shutterfly

There are many creative ways to express to your guests your appreciate for celebrating your special day. Whether you want your thank you cards to be simple or elaborate, formal or casual, classic or totally unique, there are many directions you can take. Preparing for your thank you cards with a specific photograph before the wedding results is a sweet gesture, but some people prefer to leave the notes for their post-wedding to-do list… either way, the sentiment will surely be appreciated!


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