Fun Bridesmaids Gifts for the Wedding Day

matching bridesmaids robes gift

Your bridal party may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the pre-wedding celebration with your girls is over! Before you jump into full wedding mode or start planning how your friends can re-wear their bridesmaid dresses, there is still one more fun part: getting ready for your wedding with your bridesmaids! You don’t always hear about this part in the movies, but that time with your girlfriends on the big day can be as memorable as any other—which is why you want to make it count! One way to set the mood for your wedding preparation is by giving your bridesmaids small matching gifts, which they will also keep as wedding souvenirs.

gifts for bridesmaids when getting ready

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Personalized Hangers

Between the cost of being a bridesmaid and the effort and time that it takes them to plan everything to perfection, it’s nice to show your girls that you appreciate them and all of their hard work. Surprising your bridesmaids with customized hangers (or hanger tags) is a cute way of showing that you care and treasure each one… and it also helps avoid any confusion between the dresses!

custom Bridesmaids Hangers with name

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Matching Bridesmaids Tops

By this point, you’ve probably already decided if to get comfortable with wedding flats for you and your bridesmaids, but you may not have thought about what comfortable attire you will be wearing while you get your hair and make up done. You want some good photos coming out from that time, so an old ragged t-shirt might not be the best pick! Another great bridesmaids gift is matching tank tops or t-shirts for you and your girls. You can choose if to fit right in, or stand out—either way, you’ll be bringing everyone together, and showing them you care!

Matching Bridal Tees for bridesmaids

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Matching Robes

Matching items are a sweet and simple way to give pre-wedding thank you gifts that your friends can use again later. Articles of clothing are especially practical because they come in use the day of the wedding, and they can be worn around the house after. Since you will be choosing beautiful hairstyles for your bridesmaids and yourself, you may be reluctant to get ready in a t-shirt (wouldn’t want to ruin all that hard work!)… A great alternative for matching tops is matching robes! Just like with the t-shirts, you can choose whether to blend in with your girls, or to stand out in a different color.  They’re easy to slip off without ruining your hair and make up, and they can make for some great photos!

matching bridesmaids robes gift

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Over-sized PJ Shirts

Some women aren’t as comfortable sporting robes and tank tops as others—and that’s perfectly fine! You want your gift to your bridesmaids to be fitting to who they are. Great groomsmen gifts don’t have to be the only “boyish” presents going around…  Consider getting you and your girls matching over-sized shirts! Let’s be honest, even if you do all love dresses and heels, this is a great way to hang out with your girls while staying cute and comfy!

Bridesmaids shirt gifts

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Emergency Kits

You want your wedding day to be as close to perfect as it can get, and so do your bridesmaids! They’ve also worked hard to make this day as great as it can be for you, and everyone wants to see things flow smoothly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unpredictable circumstances that may lead to wedding day emergencies you want to avoid, so it might be smart to do whatever you can to be prepared—both for you and your girls! That’s why an emergency kit is a great gift for your bridesmaids while getting ready. Include all back-up essentials, such as safety pins, deodorant, stain remover, band-aids, and buttons! Although this gift is less personal, it’s about as practical as it gets!

bridesmaids emergency kit gift

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Totally Customize!!!

You are planning the last two weeks leading up to your wedding day and man is that stressful! You have so much to plan for, and now it’s really crunch time! Don’t forget though that you wouldn’t have gotten this far without your support group. Your girlfriends have been there helping you plan (and stay sane) since the beginning, and you want them to know how much you appreciate it. Once the day comes, it’s time to relax and enjoy it, which is why getting ready for your wedding with your bridesmaids is the perfect time to bring out some nice gifts for your girls. There are so many options you can do, but nothing is more personal than customizing a gift for every girl! Whether that means matching t-shirts with personal nicknames on the back, a basket with each girl’s favorite candy, or a custom-made jersey with each girl’s favorite baseball team, you can be sure that a unique and personal gift to your bridesmaids will be appreciated and remembered forever!

Personalized gift for bridesmaids wine glass

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