Friday vs. Sunday Weddings

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Yay! You’re finally engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing. You’ve finalized your budget and you’re now mapping out venues and dates. As you start your conversations with the venues, you realize that there’s a big difference in price between Saturday weddings and Friday or Sunday (or even weekday) weddings. Why is that? Is that even an option you should consider? What’s the etiquette? What are the pros and cons? Take a deep breath, we have you covered.

You may be surprised, but non-Saturday weddings are becoming more popular by the second. Friday and Sunday weddings offer a more affordable option, as well as more dates available for your big day. You’ll also find that there’s a wider range of vendors available for you. Not to mention, it’s an easy, natural way to trim your guest list! All of those sound like wins to us! Since they apply to both, we won’t list them below.

So, are you considering a Friday or Sunday wedding? Does this sound too good to be true and you’re wondering what the negatives are? Or are you contemplating which day is better than the other? Look no further:


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Friday Weddings


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  • What’s a better way to end the week and start the weekend than a Friday wedding?! You and your guests will have the capability to celebrate to the fullest and your guests will thank you for allowing them to have their weekends to recover and still do their own thing. Let’s be honest, every wedding has a couple of guests that tend to overindulge. Those guests will be kissing your feet that they can lay in bed and watch Netflix for two days rather than one, or none!
  • You’re only taking up your guests evenings rather than most of their days. Since most Friday weddings begin after the work day (around 5:30 or 6 pm), your wedding will most likely only take up about 5 hours of their day. On average, other weddings take around 8 hours of your guests time when you consider prep time, travel, and the majority of weekend weddings starting anywhere from 10am-6pm.
  • Unlike Sunday or Saturday weddings, Friday’s allow for more time to set up. You won’t have the same competition or sharing of venue space like you would on another weekend day. Because of this, you’re able to have more time to set up and prepare. Many venues will allow you to start as early as Thursday since they don’t have any other event planned between then and your wedding. This allows for less stress, and more time to enjoy your big day and all of the special moments that go along with it.


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  • Due to work commitments, some guests may miss the ceremony or be late. Take into account that many of your guests won’t be able to take off early, and they’ll have to deal with traffic on the way to your wedding. You’ll have to be okay with having them miss your “I do’s” and instead celebrate your first dance and cutting of the cake.
  • You’re asking a lot from your out of town guests. If you plan on inviting them to your rehearsal dinner the night before, that would mean that they would have to take off half, or even all of Thursday as well as all day Friday. You may have some key family members, friends or bridal party that won’t be able to make this happen.


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Sunday Weddings


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  • You’ll get more time with out of town guests. If we’re being honest, most guests don’t want to see you after the wedding. A lot of people thrive on the anticipation up until your big day. Live that up more! If you have a Sunday wedding, you get a full weekend to celebrate you and the love of your life. You’ll get to spend more time with guests that come from out of town and all of your family and friends that are there to celebrate you.
  • You can end early. Right now that might not sound like a pro, but trust us, you’re going to get to a point in the night where you just want to head back to the honeymoon suite (who could blame you?) Sunday weddings typically end around 10 pm. That’ll give your guests enough time to celebrate with you and enough time for you to enjoy your personal after party.
  • Since your wedding will end around 10 pm, the guests that get Monday off will have more time for after parties.
  • You’ll get more time to soak in the day and weekend. Like we said above, this weekend is about you. You will get at least 2 FULL days to take in every moment, laugh, emotion, and ounce of love that will be surrounding you.


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  • Some guests won’t be able to let loose and have as much fun as they normally would since many will have to go to work the next day.
  • Many of your guests may have to leave early to prepare for the week. They’ll miss your send off but they’ll be able to be there for your most important moments.


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There are many pros and, in our opinion, few cons, for both Friday and Sunday weddings. As you’re choosing, what do you find as the biggest pros and cons between the two? Which one did you end up deciding? We are leaning toward Sunday’s for our weddings!

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