Finding My Dream Dress by Amber Normand

wedding dress shopping

When I was a little girl, I’d imagined myself in a poofy Cinderella dress when I one day married. I wanted to feel like a princess. As I got older, that image completely changed and was not at all what I’d wanted as a little girl. I no longer wanted the poofy Cinderella dress. I was looking for something different.

One of the most exciting things about wedding planning was finding my “dream dress.” Say Yes to the Dress on TLC always gave me a few ideas and I had this vision in my mind of exactly what I wanted. The search began to find that dress pictured in my mind. I was destined to find my princess dress. What I’d originally envisioned was a vintage dress with lots of lace (I’m not sure why, because I don’t care for lace all that much). I pictured a long lacy train, perhaps cathedral length. I wanted to wear my mom’s cathedral length veil which has lace all around it and has been sealed since 1982.

When I started my search, I looked in bridal magazines, on Pinterest and on the David’s Bridal website. I found many dresses with the vintage look that I liked, but none that I thought would work with my body type. I decided to pick out four dresses from David’s Bridal online and made an appointment to try them on in the store. The one that stuck out to me was nothing like I thought I’d get, but I must say, the more that I looked at it, the more I wanted THAT DRESS.

My mom came with me to my David’s Bridal appointment in January of this year. At first the consultant couldn’t find the wedding dress that I was really there for. Finally, my mom found it on the clearance rack. I grabbed it and said “That’s THE ONE!” It was way too big for me, but it was the last one and on major clearance. The consultant pulled the others that I’d picked out. I first tried on the one that I was really there for. My mom waited for me outside of the dressing room and when I walked out and looked in the mirror, I knew. That was THE DRESS.  I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. I felt beautiful; like a princess. It was everything that I had imagined and more. This dress felt perfect on me and I knew that it was made for me to wear. I wanted to cry (tears of joy, of course!) I could picture myself walking down the aisle in this dress and it made me so happy! I told the consultant that I did not want to try on the other dresses, because my mind was made up. I rang the bell (a David’s Bridal tradition) and said yes, to the dress! The consultant brought out the alterations specialist to take a look, since the dress was so big on me. She said that it could be altered to fit me perfectly. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe that the first dress I tried on, was the dress.

It’s crazy how you can have a vision in your mind about something in particular, but it turns out a completely different way. I am very happy about my dress of choice, because I don’t think that I could imagine myself in any other dress. It’s definitely me! While I won’t post my exact dress here, because my fiancé reads my posts, I have included pictures of others that I’d picked out and what I had in mind.

finding dream wedding dress

I’d envisioned myself wearing something like this. I love the buttons down the back and the lace is beautiful.

trying on wedding dresses

I came across this dress in a bridal magazine. It’s beautiful, but I don’t think that the style of it would have worked with my body type.

wedding dress shopping

How beautiful is this dress? I love the back of it. When I bought my dress, there was a girl in David’s Bridal who was trying on a dress almost exactly like this. It looked lovely on her.

I am happy that the type of dress that I had in mind ended up not being what I’d chosen. It’s better! I am so excited to walk down the aisle in my dream dress. I know that I will feel like a princess on this special day and I’m pretty sure that my fiancé will love it, as well!

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