What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

jewel toned fall wedding shoes

Fall is one of the most popular times of year to get married, and with this lovely season comes cooler temperatures, beautiful foliage and warm, autumn color palettes. Deciding what to wear to a fall wedding is a bit trickier than a spring or summer wedding because you’ll need to account for the colder weather and the fact that you’ve probably already worn your go-to wedding outfit multiple times this year. Here are a few suggestions on what to wear to a wedding this autumn to make sure your outfit is both appropriate and fabulous.

Jewel Tones

Autumn is associated with a warmer, earthier color palette than the lighter pastel palette of spring and bright colors of summer. In addition to neutral earth tones, jewel tones are the perfect shades to wear to fall weddings. Deep purple, royal blue, bright emerald green and vibrant ruby red are all beautiful colors that are appropriate for the new season. Take this trend on fully by wearing a jewel toned dress, or incorporate it into your outfit in small doses, like with your purse, shoes or nail polish color. Regardless of your body type or size, there is a jewel tone that will look great on you and will be the perfect color to wear to a fall wedding.

jewel toned fall wedding outfit

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jewel toned fall wedding shoes

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Textured Materials

Cool, breezy fabrics are essential for spring and summer weddings, but fall weddings allow you much more flexibility with the type of material you can wear. Silk and satin are comfortable and look nice, while cashmere and velvet are warmer and more seasonally appropriate. Lace or sequins are also good options for fall weddings. You can mix and match fabrics for a luxurious look or just stick to one to keep things simple. You may also want to consider the time of day the wedding is taking place when choosing your fabric. Silk and satin are better choices than velvet for a daytime, outdoor wedding, while velvet and cashmere may be more appropriate for evening weddings.

lace fall wedding dresses

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Dress For Warmth

Even if the wedding is not outdoors, prepare yourself for the chillier temperatures by bringing a sweater or a shawl. There’s nothing worse than having to spend several hours freezing because you didn’t dress appropriately for the weather. Cozy pashminas and scarves are great accessories that also keep you warm, or find a cute cardigan or blazer to go with your dress to “autumnize” your summer wardrobe. If your dress is above the knee, nude pantyhose or cute colored tights may be a good option to keep your legs warm. Whichever route you go, the goal is to be comfortable and warm while looking classy and beautiful simultaneously.

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Accessories To Make A Statement

Because the fall wedding color palette is more muted than the brights and pastels of spring and summer, you’ll want to dress up your outfit with bold accessories. Statement necklaces and cuff bracelets are the perfect jewelry for your fall wedding outfit. Dangly earrings with earth stones will go beautifully with your earth toned dress. If jewelry isn’t your thing, try a bold makeup look like deep red lipstick or jewel-toned eyeshadow. Or, find a fabulous pair of flats or heels that will really make you stand out. Gold has been a very popular color this year, so why not try a gold belt around your dress to ramp up your outfit? By accessorizing properly you can completely transform a plain outfit into one everyone will be jealous of.

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Things To Avoid

Although you are allowed to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, there are a few items that should definitely be avoided when planning your fall wedding outfit. Sandals and flip flops are no longer acceptable footwear options, and it’s probably best to stay away from open toed shoes altogether. Save them for next year’s spring and summer weddings. As always, do not wear white or any color that is similar to white so you are not dressed similarly to the bride. In the warmer months, ivory and cream neutral tones can be acceptable, but now that we’re entering the autumn season it’s time to hang those dresses up until next year. If possible, it may also be a wise choice to find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing so you aren’t wearing the same color as them and risk being mistaken as part of the wedding party! Ultimately your fall wedding attire should be something you feel comfortable and beautiful in, and by following these tips you will be able to put together a season-appropriate and stunning outfit.

what to wear to fall wedding

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