Wedding Photography – Key Tips from 6 Experts

wedding photography - honest hue
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In looking for wedding photographers, we realized the importance of asking the professionals for their advice and opinions. Instead of you having to get multiple tips, here are a few key pieces of advice from 6 diverse expert wedding photographers:

Evolylla Photography – Toronto, ON

How to look best in your wedding pictures

The best wedding photos are when you’re in the moment. I’m a documentary wedding photographer and believe that the best wedding pictures are the ones with real emotions and natural expressions. Relax and embrace the moment be it a passionate kiss or a warm hug or just looking into each other’s eyes. Take advantage of an engagement session if you’re not comfortable being photographed for the first time on your wedding day without a test run.

This is the one thing you should not forget on your wedding day

Don’t forget to be confident with the choices you’ve made for your wedding. Leave the doubts behind and enjoy your big day. Make sure to dedicate and give yourself a lot of space to actually live the day instead of worrying for the unexpected and checking off a to-do list. My brides and grooms, after receiving their wedding photos, are always amazed by all of the precious moments captured when they’re simply having a good time.

Evolylla Photography

wedding photography - Evolylla Photography

Photo Credit: Evolylla Photography

Harneet Bajwa Photography – Kauai, HI

Most important tip to ensure a successful experience with your wedding photographer?

Weddings have a lot of moving parts and having a structure of events always helps. Have a timeline of events and make sure you have enough time for your photographer to get the shots you want. Try to meet your photographer before the wedding, so you get to know each other’s personalities which is a key to success. It also gives a good sense to your photographer about what you like about their style.
Photography is all about light and how best to capture it. Make sure your photographer is familiar with the wedding location and lighting at different times of the day. Make sure that your photographer has the equipment to shoot in low light conditions.

How to look best in your wedding pictures?

To look your best in the photos, hire a photographer based on value than price. If you are on a budget, get a better photographer for less time over an average photographer for more time. It will be worth it. When shopping for photographers, go beyond their website. Ask them to see at least one full wedding gallery so you get a good idea of what to expect. Do your research. Read reviews. After you have found the one, sign a contract and lock the deal.

On your wedding day, you will look the best when you relax and have fun. Breathe, take in the occasion, be in the moment, smile, dance and have a good time. A good photographer will calmly guide you through the shoot. The professional you carefully choose will capture memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

wedding photography - harneet bajwa

harneet bajwa photography

Photo Credit: Harneet Bajwa Photography

H Photography – Chicago, IL

Most important tip to ensure successful experience with your wedding photographer

  • Trust. When hiring a wedding photographer, seek experience. You will want to have confidence in your photographer and trust that their experience will exceed all of your expectations for your wedding photo collection. Also, know that your photographer does this for a living, therefore allowing them to be full of creativity and inspiration, overall developing your photos to stand out from the rest.
  • Time. In addition to trust, time is also a necessity. On your big day, you will want to ensure that you have an ample amount of time devoted to your photography so that no cherished photos are missed. A great idea is to create a wedding day itinerary so that your photographer can develop the perfect session for you.
  • Bond. Overall, it is important that you get along well with your photographer, and treat them as your friend rather than someone who is just snapping photos of you. Creating a bond with your photographer will better allow you to relax in front of the camera as well as enjoy the moments, instead of focusing on the camera the entire time.
    • Oh…and don’t forget to feed your photographer too! Snapping photos all day can certainly work up quite the appetite.

How to make the maximum out of your wedding photos

  • Wedding books. Your wedding photos will be how you will remember your big day, and while photos alone will be gorgeous, you can amp up your presentation with a creative wedding book. Develop a book comprised of all of your beautiful images, so that you have a lovely keepsake. Also, it is a great idea to create a smaller representation of the book for your parents, as they will certainly appreciate such a wonderful gift.
  • Framed prints. If you are seeking the perfect gift for friends and family members, or a lovely addition to your home, consider obtaining prints of your images and placing them within a gorgeous frame. A photo of you and your partner on your big day is sure to make anyone smile!
  • Slideshows. Slideshows can be used within events, to view at home, or even to send to friends and family members. Creating a slide show is a unique way to present and share all of the wonderful images from your big day. And, you can share all of the photos electronically! What could be easier than that?

h photography

wedding photography - h photography

Photo Credit: H Photography

VonDrada Media – Toronto, ON

Nervous about how your wedding photography will turn out?

Don’t be! Many times our clients want the best looking wedding photos that depict a fairytale wedding and focus too much on the photographer instead of the main event. Our biggest tip to getting true, awe-inspiring photos that convey your love story is to not look at your cameraman unless he asks you to. Resist the urge and do your absolute best to pretend they are not there. Just relax, have fun on your wedding day and your photographer will have more to work with!

When choosing a photo package, most brides/grooms I’ve come across want the most bang for their buck, who doesn’t?

Many photographers will offer hundreds and hundreds of edited photos delivered only days after your wedding which sounds like a bargain…but is it? Professional photographers will typically capture around 10-20 unique, eye-catching photos per hour, and each photo takes anywhere from half an hour to half a day to edit to perfection. Don’t be fooled by the “All 2000 photos edited with 24 hour turnaround time at a discounted rate” packages, instead consider those that offer “200-400 edited photos with a 3 week turn around.” You’ll never regret getting a handful of quality images over thousands of awful, useless ones!

wedding photography -vondrada 2

wedding photography -vondrada

Photo Credit: VonDrada Media

Honest Hue – Austin, TX

Most important tip to ensure a successful experience with your wedding photographer.

The most important tip I can ever give to newly engaged couples is to meet all your vendors. This includes your wedding photographer. Your photographer will be with you and close to you for the majority of time during the most important day of your life. You need to make sure you and your photographer click with each other, to ensure getting the best images of your big day. My second most useful tip is to not skip your engagement session.  Your e-session not only captures this short period of your life but it will help you learn how your photographer works with you and your photographer will learn what poses work for you and your fiancé.

This is the one tip you shouldn’t forget.

As a photographer, the best piece of advice I can give you is to make time for your memories. Don’t rush through your couple portraits, as those are the memories you will have for the rest of your life. You want to show your grandkids how much fun you had on your wedding day. Having different poses will allow you to create a beautiful wedding album that will be with you for generations to come. All you have to do is enjoy and savor each moment of your wedding.

honest hue

wedding photography - honest hue

Photo Credit: Honest Hue

Magic Vision Wedding Photography – Toronto, ON

Most important tip to ensure successful experience with your wedding photographer

In order to have the most successful experience with your wedding photographer, ensure to meet them before the wedding and have a not-obligation wedding consultation. Do not be afraid to ask questions, like “How long have you been a wedding photographer?”, “Are you going to be my wedding photographer or are you going to send someone else?”, “Where and how did you learn photography?”, “How are you going to dress that day?”, etc. No question is bad. Ask all the questions that you have. Make sure to get all the information about their services. If you are visiting more that one photography provider, compare “apples to apples,” and at the end of the day, trust your gut.

How to make the maximum out of your wedding photos

One of the most common and unfortunate mistakes couples make is hiring a family friend or an enthusiastic relative to photograph the day. Some may even ask guests to take as many photos as possible with the hope of piecing together an album composed of candid shots, most of which are unusable. Keep in mind that even with the proper equipment, photographing a wedding properly is a daunting task requiring significant experience, the finesse to be virtually invisible, and most importantly the talent and artistic vision to capture the memorable details and emotions of your wedding day. It is certainly not a job for the faint of heart. In other words, hire a professional experienced photographer.

Wedding Photography - Magic Vision

Wedding Photography - Magic Vision 2

Photo Credit: Magic Vision

Which tip was your favorite? Tell us below!

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