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Domino Art Photography, founders Plamen and Paulina Blagoev

We started as teenagers, knowing very little English (except for a few of the more “interesting” words we learned from the movies). At the first shoot we used a camera we later returned, because we could not afford to keep it.  People looked at us, saw two very young people, and did not trust us, nor the quality of our work.  So we worked that much harder to show the clients just how good we are, how much passion we have, to make their vision -their dream – a reality in photos meant to last a lifetime.

 Paulina is a second generation photographer and Plamen learned from her father.


We love creating and evolving. Every time we photograph, be it a wedding, mitzvah, boudoir, family or corporate photo session, we are always looking for ways to create an edgy, abstract photo that will grab your attention. We love to create clean, classic and modern, but cutting edge and vibrant images.

From starting Domino Arts in 2001, as a company of two, we now have a team.  A team made up of photography professionals who meet our high standards, people that we trust to help us implement the really challenging shoots, to bring every brides dream wedding into reality documented in beautiful wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

With nearly 13 years of experience, the most important tips we would give to the brides would be:

·         Budget!  Work out the numbers, and stick to it!   Don’t forget to leave a little extra for contingencies.

·         Start planning early!  The top professionals, whether it be caterers, florist & decorators, or photographers, can be booked up years in advance.  This is especially true if you want your wedding to be in the busier spring to early summer season.

·         Do you have a theme, or a special dream location? Once you have picked your date, start making those phone calls for your venue! Again, if you have dreamed it, there’s a really good chance someone else has (or will) dream it too. (The gardens at Vizcaya are probably already booked solid for March to June of 2014!)

·         If the budget allows, hire a wedding planner!  The last thing a bride needs to be worrying about on her wedding day is the details.  Did the florist show up with those beautiful, out of season, calla lilies?  Does the caterer have enough food, and where is that truck with the chairs? It’s raining (which is good luck) but will they be able to get the tent up and keep everyone dry?  These are the kinds of details faced on a day that should be beautiful, memorable, and stress free, details that can be handled by a wedding planner.  Look at the budget again.

·         Hire the best photographers the budget allows!  These are your memories!

We at  enjoy what we do, we strive to be among the best in our field.  But photos don’t lie, so we take the time to get to know the clients, their likes, dislikes, and they need to be really comfortable with us and our cameras.  After a while, in many cases we begin to feel like a welcome part of the family. As one client put it, “I want you to feel the love, because when you do, it shows in your photographs.”

Wedding Photography


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