DIY Ideas That Last Past Your Wedding Day

DIY Ideas - shane welch photography
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Wedding planning, budgeting, and registries are three of the most stressful parts leading up to your big day. While a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail may ease the tension, a more sustainable option that fulfills all three categories is making your wedding DIY. While most decorations you’ll have will be a one-time use or a rental, here are a couple of DIY ideas that you can keep past your wedding day and appreciate for years to come.

DIY Ideas - shane welch photography

Photo Credit: Shane Welch Photography


Doubling as aisle runners and centerpieces, lanterns are the dream multi-use accessory. Outside of being able to utilize it multiple times during your wedding, you can reuse them in your household as a perfect decorative addition. They come in different shapes and sizes, are extremely easy to spray paint if you’re looking for a unique color combination, and if at the end of the day you decide you don’t want them, their resell value is extremely high!

DIY Ideas - The Nichols

Photo Credit: The Nichols

Wooden Sign DIY Ideas

Many couples are going for a rustic, romantic theme for not only their wedding but also their household. Wooden decorations are the way to go if you fall into this category! A wooden sign with your favorite quote or Bible verse can be placed along your ceremony site and then brought back home and hung on your mantlepiece or up on the wall above your bed.

DIY Ideas - mustard seed photography

Photo Credit: Mustard Seed Photography


Looking to make your wedding green? Look no further. Succulents are a rising trend in 2017 weddings and households alike. They are the perfect addition to your bouquet, centerpieces, cocktail tables, or even act as wedding favors. After your wedding, recycle your succulents by placing them around your house or creating a succulent garden if you have space! With minimal love needed, these plants can last you years to come!

DIY Ideas - Anna Delores Photography

Photo Credit: Anna Delores Photography

Mason Jar DIY Ideas

Mason jars are probably the most multi-use decoration you can have at your wedding and in your life in general. Coming in a lot of different shapes and sizes, they make it easy to hold fun advice sticks, act as floral vases, give as favors, or allow you to get creative to act as any decoration you can imagine. Want them as a water, beer, or wine glass? Go for it! Want to take them home and make them house decor or drinking glasses? Do it! We love how practical mason jars are!

DIY Ideas - onelove photography

Photo Credit: onelove photography


Mirrors have become one of our favorite DIY ideas and a very popular 2017 wedding trend. While your photographer may have a difficult time shooting them, they are elegant, romantic and easily made into a vintage art piece. You can easily make them into a wedding sign and then erase the writing and hang it in your house.


Pro Tip: Find a cheap large mirror at a garage sale, second-hand store, or on Amazon (hello Prime shipping!) and restore it yourself. It’s very easy to tape the mirror, prime the edges, and paint it whatever color you desire!

DIY Ideas - Michele Beckwith Photography

Photo Credit: Michele Beckwith Photography

Photo Albums and Picture Frames

What a better way to decorate your wedding and entertain your guests than with picture frames of all shapes and sizes, as well as photo albums?! You can fill the picture frames with family members that are no longer with you, family wedding pictures, childhood pictures, pictures throughout your time together, or even write on them like you would a mirror. We’ve seen brides get extremely creative with using them as table numbers or signs throughout their venue.

While picture frames are amazing and fun, photo albums are easily our favorite DIY wedding project. You can make one for your engagement pictures for guests to look at which could also act as a guest book and allow your guests to sign and add polaroids or photo booth pictures to the end. That along with your DIY wedding album will be two forms of memorabilia that you’ll cherish for years to come.

wedding albums

Date Night Idea Jar

Mason jars + popsicle sticks + sharpies + entertainment for your guests = lifelong date night ideas. During cocktail hour, have your guests write different date night ideas or marriage advice on popsicle sticks and place them into a large mason jar. Over the years, instead of thinking about what you should do on date night, you can make it a fun game and pick a popsicle out of the jar and do whatever it says. We promise you won’t regret doing this!

DIY Ideas - Kay English Photography

Photo Credit: Kay English Photography

Which DIY ideas will you use for your big day? We can’t wait to see your beautiful pictures and projects!

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