Thank Your Guests For Traveling With These Destination Party Favors

Mexico destination wedding favors

Destination weddings are becoming more and more common. It’s a great way to get a head start on your honeymoon while keeping your guest list to only those who are closest to you. Your guests have the chance to have a mini-vacation while simultaneously celebrating your love. Whether you are traveling to Europe from the United States, or to Napa, California from Australia, destination weddings allow you to explore the world and celebrate your wedding day with friends and family in a new and beautiful location. But sometimes you may feel as though your guests are not truly aware of how thankful you are for them taking time off and traveling to the other side of the world to celebrate your big day with you. A great and inexpensive way to thank your guests is through destination-themed party favors. These gift bags are easy to DIY and will let your guests know just how appreciative you are for their time and love.


Mexico is known for its sunrises, tequila and beautiful beaches. One of the many perfect gifts for your guests at your Mexican destination wedding is a small, beautifully decorated bottle of tequila. Add a personalized tag or bow to it and maybe even pair it up with a beautifully decorated shot glass for your guest to take home. It’s the perfect item to both commemorate your exotic destination wedding and get the festivities started.

Mexico destination wedding favors

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Nashville, Tennessee

Show your guests some true southern hospitality for attending your wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. To thank them for traveling from all over the United States, you can provide each guest with a goody bag filled with the southern essentials. A small bottle of whiskey and the classic glass Coca Cola bottle, a postcard and some chocolaty goodness are the quintessential southern items that make up this goody bag. Make a cute and affordable gift bag for your guests by adding an adorable trim and a rustic tag to your brown paper bag.

Nashville destination wedding favors

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Whether in Rome, Firenze or Venice, this Italian gift bag is a smart choice for couples who are getting married in beautiful Italia! Let your creativity shine through these cute wedding favors that any guest will be sure to love. Include practical items such as San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, a Nutella & Go snack and a “Speak Italian” book, and include some fun items like sparkling wine and special pizza herbs. Your guests will love the custom Italy tote bag that holds it all together. These souvenirs are the perfect way to thank your guests for traveling all the way to Italy, and will always remind them of the beautiful wedding and vacation they attended.

Italy destination wedding party favors

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San Francisco, California

There is so much to do and see in the beautiful Golden State. From Chinatown to Haight-Ashbury, a wedding in San Francisco will definitely call for some adventure time. Ideal items for this gift bag can include a map of the city, some chocolates from the famous Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge, a cable car key-chain, a bottle of water for their long, adventurous day and even a local beer. This goody bag will prepare your guests for some serious sightseeing and tourist attractions.

San Francisco California destination wedding favors

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Paris, France

Paris is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. If your guests flew all the way to this majestic city, make sure to fill their gift baskets with some of the most popular items in Paris. Colorful macarons, an Eiffel Tower key chain, decadent chocolate and a beautiful postcard are all excellent items to include. If you want to encourage them to do as the Parisians do and have a picnic in a park, perhaps you can include a baguette, champagne and some cheese.

Paris destination wedding favors

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Jamaica is becoming more and more of a hotspot for those seeking a tropical beach vacation. It’s a beautiful place to hold an exotic beach wedding, and there’s plenty of local fare to offer your guests as a thank you gesture. You can buy your guests Jamaican tote bags and fill them with plenty of desirable Jamaican goods. For example, you can include rum cake, coffee roasters, banana chips, beer, tourism magazines, a CD of Jamaican songs, tanning oils and a luggage tag.

Jamaica tropical destination wedding favors

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Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are getting married in fabulous Las Vegas, making a gift bag for your guests is both easy and fun! Include everything Vegas-themed, such as shot glasses, dice, cards, lighters, casino chips, koozies, feather boas, postcards and more. This city that never sleeps will be unforgettable, exhausting and thrilling, so feel free to include the ultimate hangover or survival kit essentials for your guests. There’s nothing too crazy to include in a thank you gift for a Sin City wedding, so get creative!

Las Vegas destination wedding favors

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India is full of beautiful colors and culture. This gift bag will be very elegantly decorated and simple to put together. Buy some colorful spices, add candles, a make-at-home henna kit, an elephant sculpture, bangle bracelets for the ladies, a postcard and a Taj Mahal memory item such as a key chain or information packet. If you want to get really into the culture and history of this beautiful country, you can include a sari for women or a beautiful vibrant scarf for men. These souvenirs will surely remind your guests of your fabulous Indian wedding.

India destination wedding gift bag

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Any tropical location

If you are going anywhere that is tropical, you can not go wrong with a gift bag like this. A tote bag is the perfect way to give your beach-loving friends the ultimate tropical must-haves. Sunscreen, a towel, tanning oil, a drink koozie (customized or normal), a bottle opener and flip flops are all great tropical destination wedding party favors. You could also include aloe vera in case they spent a little too much time in the sun. Customizing your beach tote bag is the perfect little touch to remind your guests of the big day they have traveled for.

tropical wedding gift bags

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tropical destination wedding favors

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Any destination wedding

There are many party favors you can give your guests that are suitable for any type of destination wedding. Suitcase souvenirs and luggage tags remind your guests that they traveled to a beautiful destination in celebration of your big day and can be used for any trip they go on in the future. Other fun wedding favors are customized mini suitcases filled with candy, or pretty luggage tags personalized with your wedding date or funny sayings to attach to their suitcases on their trip back home.

destination wedding favors

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destination wedding gift bags

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