The Day of Wedding Checklist You Need

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It’s the day of your wedding and the last thing you want to do is stress. All of the wedding planning will finally come to an end and you’ll want to enjoy every second of the day. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep with a new last name, everything will be absolutely perfect. However, if you’re anything like us, you’ll still want a peace of mind that all of your plans will stay in one piece on your wedding day. Even if you decided to have a wedding coordinator or if you decided to forego one, mapping out a game plan beforehand will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Here are the key tips you’ll need to know for your big day:

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What to Bring on the Day of Your Wedding:

Bride’s Wedding Checklist:

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Photo Credit: M Three Studio

  • Wedding outfit:
    • Wedding DressPro Tip: bring a nice hanger to make sure that your photographer can get a great picture of the dress. Maybe even consider getting your bridesmaids matching hangers so you can have a picture of all of the dresses hanging together in a window.
    • Veil and/or Hair Accessories
    • Jewelry – something new, something borrowed, something blue, and/or obviously your engagement ring
    • Spanx or Underwear – Spanx is an absolute must-have for your wedding. You can count us in for anything that takes seams away and sucks everything in!
    • Lingerie – Don’t worry, your bachelorette party will help you choose a favorite
    • Shoes – Both heels and flats. Even if you’re dead set on heels for that iconic accessories picture, bring flats for the end of the night when you’re breaking it down on the dance floor and your feet are killing you.
    • Garter – Both your throwing garter and garter for keep
  • Groom’s Wedding Band
  • Vows
  • Gift for your groom
  • Bridesmaids gifts
  • Any last minute decorations that haven’t already been delivered to the venue
  • Emergency Beauty Tools
    • Matching nail polish color for touch ups, bobby pins, hairspray, makeup, hair tools, elastic bands.
  • Day of Wedding Emergency Kit
    • Breath mints, tweezers, blotting papers, tissues, clear nail polish, stain remover, floss, double sided tape, perfume, deodorant, safety pins, sewing kit, band-aids
  • Marriage Certificate
    • This must be picked up before the ceremony and will be signed by both you and your partner, the officiant, and two witnesses.

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Photo Credit: Sposto Photography

Groom’s Wedding Checklist:

wedding checklist - mariel hannah

Photo Credit: Mariel Hannah

  • Wedding outfit
  • Bride’s wedding band
  • Vows
  • Gift for Your Bride
  • Groomsmen’s Gifts
  • Emergency Beauty Tools
    • Hair gel, hair spray, comb, etc.
  • Day of Wedding Emergency Kit
    • Razor, shaving cream, pain relievers, whiskey (just a little to calm the nerves), lint roller, stain remover, hand lotion, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne, tissues

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Photo Credit: Ether and Smith Photography

What to Give Your Point Person for the Day of Your Wedding

Whether you have hired a wedding coordinator or not, giving someone other than you or your bridal party is 100% necessary. The last thing you need is to worry about menial tasks when you should be focusing all of your attention to marrying the love of your life. Here’s the wedding checklist that you need to give your point person:

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Photo Credit: Jay Rowden

  • Preview the venue and coordinate with all of the vendors. Give your day-of contact a map or meet with them beforehand so they know exactly where everything is supposed to go.
  • Confirm that everything specified at the venue is in place.
  • ID, driver’s license, passports, travel documents, packed suitcases for honeymoon delivered to the honeymoon suite.
  • Guestbook or guestbook alternatives and any props that should go with it (glue, polaroid camera, photo booth props, pen, etc.)
  • Wedding favors for your guests.
  • Umbrellas if your wedding is outdoors and there’s any chance of rain.
  • Vendor tips in specified envelopes. Contact is to distribute after the vendor is done.
  • Serve as the point person for every vendor.
  • A copy of your invitation and save the date so your photographer can get a great shot!
  • Lawn games for your reception
  • Photographer checklist of necessary shots. Your point person is to make sure all of those shots are crossed off of your list.
  • Send off favors
    • Glow sticks, sparklers, rice, lanterns, etc.
  • Deliver and/or coordinate with family to get gifts from the wedding reception to a final destination.

wedding checklist - koman photography

Photo Credit: Koman Photography

You’re officially ready to print and hand-off and get this show on the road. Now you can leave all the stress in your hindsight and focus completely on saying your vows, your “I Do’s” and dancing the night away to your happily ever after. Even if it rains on your parade, or everything goes astray, remember that the most important part is that you get to marry your best friend and all of the most important people in your life are there to witness your precious moment. Congratulations and Happy Wedding Day!

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