How to Make Unique Engagement Albums


An engagement album is a wonderful way to tell your love story by capturing the days and years that lead up to your wedding day and helping you collect and cherish memories that formed the stepping stones of your path together. Hold these memories close to your heart in a beautiful BrideBox photo album that shows the growth of your love together and makes the moments you shared feel timeless, as if they happened yesterday.

What is an engagement album?

We all know what a wedding album is. It encapsulates for many years to come that special day when you and your loved one  come together to become united in a bond that will last the rest of your lives. Your wedding album captures the wonderful occasion that is filled with endless joy and love as you celebrate the first day of the journey you and your spouse share. But what about all those memories from the previous years, together or even separately, that evolve to become what soon will be marching down the aisle and embarking on your lives as one? The story of your relationship throughout time is one that is important to reflect upon to remember the beauty of the memories that lead you two to become what you are today.

Make a wonderful engagement album that you can create yourself so your story is remembered just the way you want it to be. An engagement album is also a nice engagement gift idea if you are a friend or family member of the bride or groom. Many couples have an engagement shoot with a professional photographer, and these images of course should be part of the engagement album, or even be in an album of themes.


How to create your engagement album

First, collect photographs that you want to compile together to create your own engagement album. As you lay out pictures to go into the album, you will be creating a visual timeline of the relationship. You can start with individual pictures, then pictures as a couple, followed by the proposal and engagement photos. If there was an engagement photo shoot, it would be best to include these professional, high-quality images. The beauty of creating an album yourself is that you can use whichever pictures you desire, adding the memories that are most meaningful to you. Moments from your first dates, moving in together, or special vacations can be great additions to the engagement album that show the uniqueness of the relationship.

Photo Credit: Blueberry Photography

Of course, the proposal is a very important event to include in the engagement album. Pictures of the ring and of the place where the proposal happened make the memorable day feel like it was just yesterday. In an engagement album, it is also nice to have a couple pages that are dedicated to each person in the relationship to show their own interests, personal history, family members, and individuality. Formal portraits or professional photos are always best to include since they will be the best quality. You can always reach out to family and friends to ask if they have any pictures you may want to include.


Engagement photo shoot ideas

For your engagement album, make sure you have lovely, wonderful, and unique pictures by planning a professional photo shoot. Finding a photographer is easy and will help you prepare for when you need amazing pictures for your big day. There are some engagement photo shoot ideas and tips to keep in mind to make sure you capture the romance and excitement in your relationship. Find a great nature backdrop to have your engagement photo shoot at, especially if you two love the outdoors. Sunsets at the beach make an amazing scene for a photo shoot too! Whether you choose the beach, a forest, or an open field of flowers, nature is the perfect place to show your romantic side.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Brotchie Photography

You can also revisit the place of your first date or favorite spot – there is nothing more sentimental than a place that holds personal significance to the two of you. Going off of this idea, make sure you show the uniqueness of your connection at the photo shoot – act natural, laugh, and be silly together to show the fun, loving relationship you two share. Engagement albums are perfect to show the happiness you create with one another, through big smiles and endless laughter.


Photo Credit: John Bosley Photography

Printing your engagement album

Many online and retail photo stores offer simple, press-printed engagement albums. They could be nice, but we are not sure you want your lifetime engagement memories to be kept in an album that is second grade and can fall apart over the years. As albums and photobooks are not the same product, you can learn what the difference is between the two.

At BrideBox, we have the perfect solution. The Lake Album is a truly unique, affordable photo album, with lay-flat panoramic pages printed on photographic paper to ensure top image quality and vibrant colors. These albums are perfect for engagement and parent albums and they start at $79.99.


Here’s what past customers had to say:

“Absolutely amazing quality! We ordered the Lake album- very thick pages and stunning photos. Originally was just going to order parents’ albums through Bride Box- we loved them so much that we’re going to order ours too!” – Andrea ~Jan 9, 2016

“I ordered the Lake album and am in love with it!!! It is such great quality and the pictures are so bright. It is an incredible album and I highly recommend Bride Box to anyone.” On WeddingWire


As you create your engagement album, remember that this is the opportunity to show the love and growth you and your partner have shared over the years. Wedding albums only capture one day, so your engagement album is the perfect place to show your love story in its entirety. Create an album that is unique to you and your future spouse by including memories and moments that make you two who you are.

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