Go Out With A Bang: Coordinating Sparkler Exits

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Wedding sparklers are the ultimate trend right now, and one of the most popular ways to use them in the reception is as a way to leave the venue in a dramatic exit. Your closest friends and family just spent the evening celebrating with you and what better way to end the night than with a glimmering display of lights? This interactive lightshow is the best way to exit your wedding with style and excitement, leaving your guests feeling thrilled and delighted.

There are several steps you will need to take when preparing for and coordinating your sparkler exit. The first step is to check with your venue to ensure that they will allow you to have them at your event. Although most venues will not allow you to have these firecrackers indoors, many will allow you to use them outside if the proper safety precautions are taken. After you’ve confirmed with the venue that you will be allowed to have a sparkler exit, it’s time to start planning the logistics behind your grand finale.

1. Purchase your supplies

In order to have a sparkler sendoff, you’ll need to have sparklers. There are many different kinds available, but the best kind to use are the extra long, long-lasting sparklers. This way they will last longer and give you the most amount of time to get your guests set up and lit up, your photographer in place and for you to walk out amidst a sea of light. Makes sure you buy enough sparklers (and a few extra) for each of your guests as well as lighters or matches.

lighting heart shaped wedding sparklers

Photo Credit: VIP Sparklers


2. Test your sparklers

As with most wedding day-related things, it’s always good to test them out beforehand. Test out your sparklers to make sure that you are able to easily light them. This is also a good way to see what kind of lighting effect they’ll give off once lit. See how long they will last to ensure that they will stay lit long enough for you to achieve your dramatic exit.


3. Make an announcement

One of the most crucial aspects of coordinating your sparkler exit is making sure that all of your guests are aware of it. Create a sign indicating that there will be a sparkler sendoff at the end of your wedding and include details such as time and location. This can also be included in your itinerary or schedule of events. Also have your DJ or MC make an announcement during the reception to remind your guests.

wedding exit sparkler send off sign

Photo Credit: The Polka Dotted Bee


4. Delegate someone to be in charge

As the person who is making the elaborate getaway, you can’t also be the person in charge of getting things set up and in order. Delegate someone that you trust to not drink too much at the reception to be in charge of gathering the materials, lighting up the first few sparklers, telling the guests to light the rest of the sparklers with their lit ones and instructing the guests to create an archway or pathway for you to walk through. This should be someone that is responsible and capable of leading a group.


5. Map out your route

Planning your exit strategy requires you to have a route planned. Tour your venue and see what kinds of options you have and make sure there’s enough space for all of your guests to spread out and create your walkway without having trees or shrubbery as a fire hazard. The most important thing is to have plenty of room for not only the guests and the walkway, but the photographer to get the right angle as well.

sparkler send off wedding exit

Photo Credit: Sparklers Online


6. Coordinate with the venue

Once you light up all your firecrackers, you’ll need a way to put them out. Speak with your venue about how you can set up metal buckets filled with sand in the vicinity of your exit and make sure your guests are aware that they should use them after they are done with the sparklers. Once the sparklers have cooled off enough, they are safe to throw away.


7. Exit with style

You and your partner should be ready and waiting to walk through this glitzy and glimmering archway. Once all of the sparklers are lit and your guests have created the ultimate walkway for you, slowly make your way down the path and take the time to savor the moment. Your photographer will be prepared to take plenty of photos, so why not stop for a kiss or a few poses for a cute photo op? Once through, your getaway vehicle should be waiting for you and you and your partner can head off to your honeymoon in style.

wedding sparkler photo ideas

Photo Credit: Photo Jennette

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