What Are The Most Common Wedding Favors?

wedding favors personalized candy

Bridal couples love to create unique wedding favors to make amazing and memorable gifts for their guests. Some favors are intended to be a small but tasty treat while others are more expensive and are meant to last a lifetime. Whatever the case may be, brides and grooms today have an amazing array of choices that can make their receptions spectacular.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Both the best man and the maid of honor are usually called upon to give toasts. In addition, other guests may chime in with congratulatory remarks during the reception. Some couples like to give the wine glasses that have been used for the toasts as their wedding favor. Although this may be a more expensive option than other favor ideas, the cost for an individual glass first depends upon the style. While some couples like a champagne flute, others prefer a stemless glass that is hard to spill yet retains a traditional look. While these types of glasses can be found everywhere from discount stores to department stores, the Internet provides the greatest variety. The price for a stemless wine glass is generally around $1.10. A champagne flute can be as low as $0.98. Some couples prefer their glassware to be monogrammed using traditional or modern fonts and embellishments. Some sites that offer monogrammed glassware charge an additional fee of about $1.50 for each glass. Other sites charge a one-time fee of about $40 for a complete set of monogramming services.

wedding favors personalized wine glasses

Photo Credit: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Candy Treats

Candy is a delicious treat that almost any guest will love. One of the benefits to candy treat favors is that the candies can be taken from the candy dessert bar and put in cellophane packaging and wrapped with a bow featuring the wedding colors, which allows the treat to be taken home easily. Another option may be to fill small tins with the chosen candies. Some couples put their portrait on the candies while others print their wedding date on each one. A bulk bag of personalized candies may cost around $125 on the Internet; a small bag of personalized candies can be about $2.

wedding favors personalized candy

Photo Credit: Weddings by Dezign

Key Bottle Openers

Key bottle openers combine two fabulous favors into one. Not only can each guest use the favor to open bottles of alcohol during the reception, but also they can put it on their key chains for future use. Each time they pull out their key ring or open a bottle of beer or wine at a party, they will remember the special couple. A key bottle opener can start around $1.33 each on the Internet. The keys, which can come in silver, bronze or gold finishes, may feature unique designs on their handles, such as hearts, a cloverleaf or wedding rings.

wedding favors custom bottle openers

Photo Credit: Etsy

Picture Frames

A picture is a memory that can last a lifetime. Many couples are using picture frames as wedding favors to display their engagement photos for the guests. Frames start at $0.75 apiece on the Internet. Frames can feature a heart or a horse-drawn wedding carriage. Another option is to head to a discount store where brides and grooms will find cheaper frames in bulk for $1 or less. With the inexpensive favors in hand, the couple may go to a photo lab at a local store or head online and print out a cute photo of them to go in each frame. Of course, the more photographs they print out at once, the cheaper the deal will be.

wedding favors horseshoe picture frames

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Christmas Ornaments

The perfect favor for a wedding during the Christmas season is an ornament. Instead of shelling out big bucks for extremely ornate ornaments, wedding couples are visiting discount stores and purchasing inexpensive ornaments like glitter-covered snowflakes or Christmas trees. Many of these ornaments are less than $1. A small piece of thread is tied to the ornament with a small note card that features the name of the couple as well as the date. Some ornaments are large enough to feature a miniature picture of the happily married couple. Some couples prefer to attach a different photo on each side of an ornament to give a creative look.

wedding favors Christmas ornaments

Photo Credit: Howe House

Whether a couple chooses an ornate frame or a gorgeous ornament, their wedding favors should fit seamlessly into the wedding theme. Brides and grooms may choose to decorate the favors themselves or save time and frustration by having this done for them. Most importantly, bridal couples should be sure to choose favors that are memorable and that can be used by guests long after leaving the reception.


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