How to Change Your Last Name After Marriage

If you are planning to take your partner’s last name after you get married, follow these easy steps to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Obtain your marriage license

You will need the original or certified marriage license with your new last name on it. If you don’t have it, call the clerk’s office where your license was filed to have one sent to you.

official marriage license certificate

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2. Update your Social Security Card

Fortunately in today’s digital age, updating your Social Security card can be done fairly easily. Go to the Social Security Administration’s website to fill out the application, include the required documents and mail it into the appropriate Social Security Office. Your Social Security Number will remain the same, but your last name will be changed.

America social security card

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3. Update your driver’s license

We all know going to the DMV is not the most fun task, but it’s a necessary one when updating all your identification with your new last name. Bring your new updated social security card along with any other forms of ID you can find and get a new driver’s license at your local DMV.

sample Wisconsin drivers license

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4.  Update your bank accounts

This is one of the most important tasks. Accessing bank accounts without proper identification is a huge hassle, and having your assets frozen because you have mismatched names would be highly inconvenient. Go to your bank’s branch location and bring your new driver’s license along with your marriage license. Request for them to update your account information and provide new checks, debit cards and credit cards.

bank transaction

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5. Update everything else

Each individual person has individual items that would also need to be updated after changing your last name, such as updating your employer’s payroll, mailing addresses, utility companies, insurance, passport and more. Think about all of the important items that have your name on them and make a list. Go through the list and update each one until you are confident that you have updated them all. Congratulations! You have officially taken your partner’s last name.

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