Average Cost of A Canadian Wedding

A successful wedding is a compilation of many things; one of them being successfully staying within the realms of a reasonable budget. The average Canadian wedding ranges anywhere between 25-60k, including honeymoon costs. Though budget, has become a conscious and growing concern amongst most people; the average cost of a wedding in Canada has increased by 8 percent in 2013 alone.


Determine The Size

You can determine most budget ranges based on the size of your wedding; obviously wedding with larger parties will be more expensive than a smaller, more intimate wedding.

The larger the wedding, the more you’ll spend on a larger venue, catering, party favors and decorations.  The average wedding in Canada has about 120-130 people with an average of 150-200$ a head; cutting down this list alone could help you save thousands of dollars.




Where you choose your venue can greatly determine how much you’ll spend; if you go with an all inclusive wedding venue you’ll save on hiring a private caterer and bartenders; the cost of your venue would be approximately 3-5k.  However if you choose to have your wedding at a museum, library, or historical monument, you can expect pay much more for catering, tables, chairs, and lighting.  This sort of venue along with its additions will cost you much more at an average of 6-8k. Having your wedding at a wedding hall or ballroom can help you avoid all those additional catering and decorative costs.  If you want to be really budget savvy, having your wedding outdoors or at a park; this alone would cut your wedding venue budget by more than half!



wedding-dj-canada wedding-music-canadaEntertainment

Going with a DJ over a band can greatly cut your entertainment costs; the average band will cost you about 4k where a DJ would be 1-2k.  One way to save money is to go with a DJ instead of a live band. Most people have strayed away from bands as it is because a DJ can provide you with a wide variety of music; unlike a band whose stylings are generally very specific to one genre. If you’re keen on having live music at your wedding, limit the amount of time you’ve hired your band to perform and use a DJ for the rest of the time; this will save you an addition thousand.





Cost of catering varies based on party size, the meals being catered, and what your menu includes.  The best way to save some extra cash is to serve your guests lunch instead of dinner and keep the menu simple; limiting the menu to a couple of dishes will save you thousands of dollars!


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Your wedding videos and photos can cost you around 5-10k depending on time for services and editing features.  This generally covers a full days worth of photography and videography services as well as a second cameraman on your wedding day.  Hiring a videographer and photographer for their shoot and burn services can reduce this budget by half.  Using DIY methods to edit and print your photos can help you save thousands of dollars.  BrideBox has a plethora of DIY options that save you hundreds of dollars and while still having the beautiful wedding album you deserve!


canadian-wedding-decorationFlowers/Venue Decor

Flowers and decorations for your wedding are generally the most tricky  aspect of your budget to keep track of.  With so many little things to incorporate into your venue and wedding theme its hard to remember that all those little costs suddenly become monumental. Wedding decorations, floral arrangements, and bouquets can cost you an average of 5-10k depending on party size and arrangements.  One way to save on flowers and decor is to choose a venue that already has beautiful decorations; this saves you the trouble of having to decorate it yourself and save you money in the process!


Bridal Attire/Makeup

Your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and tuxedos will easily set you back another 5-10k. The average wedding gown along with accessories costs 3-5k and the average cost of bridal party expenses ranges from 150-300$ per person. Getting your bridal parties’ makeup and hair done with junior artists; a junior artist’s skills are at par with professionals but they only charge a fraction of the price, thus cutting your beauty budget in half!



Discuss Your Future

Most people fail to include the largest budgetary setbacks into their wedding budget like rings, and honeymoons; thinking them to be non-negotiables. While this might be true, its important to sit down together and discuss the importance of these objects and compare it to where you’d like to be in the next 5 years. You might find that these objects become less important; or you might find alternative methods where you can have everything for less!

The most important thing to consider is that while most people aspire to have a fairy tale like wedding, it’s really not the most important thing on your agenda. Remember that you are celebrating your marriage, not the wedding!!

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