What To Do If Your Bridesmaid Drops Out Of Your Wedding

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Your bridesmaids are the women in your life that have been there for you through thick and thin, and you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who to include and were finally able to hand-select those who mean the most to you. As the wedding day approaches, you and your bridesmaids are constantly talking about and planning every little detail together, creating a sense of excitement that you will all be experiencing this journey together. But, there are certain situations out of your control that may cause one of your bridesmaids to have to drop out of your wedding. Here are a few of the most common reasons bridesmaids drop out of weddings and what to do if the situation arises.

Not enough time

Being a part of someone else’s wedding is quite a large time commitment. Bridesmaids need to be part of the engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, dress fittings and of course the wedding day itself. Because this is your big day and you are handling the scheduling and timing of events, your bridesmaids may not be able to fit all of the events into their busy schedules. If one of your bridesmaids tells you that she won’t be able to be a part of your wedding because she doesn’t have enough time to do so, ask her there is anything you could do to reach a compromise so that she will still be able to participate. Being a bridesmaid can be overwhelming and your friend may think that you expect her to be present at everything, when in reality you would be okay with her being present at only the most essential events. Talk things out until you reach an agreeable compromise so that she can still be a part of your bridal party. If she truly can’t commit to the minimum, then thank her for letting you know and find someone to replace her.

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Not enough money

As previously mentioned, being a part of someone else’s wedding involves attending many different events in addition to the actual wedding day. This includes trips, gifts, outfits and meals, and all of these can get very expensive very quickly. When choosing your bridesmaids, be mindful of the activities that you want to do and whether or not any of your ladies are on a tight budget. If one of your bridesmaids approaches you about bailing because she can’t afford to be a part of your wedding, offer to subsidize some her costs or find alternative activities to do that would be more budget-friendly. Brainstorm ideas with your bridesmaids to come up with fun bachelorette party and bridal shower ideas that won’t break the bank. Though it may be your big day, your girlfriends are doing you a favor by being a part of your wedding and if you’re certain these are the ladies you want by your side on your wedding day then you may need to work together to find a happy middle ground.

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Potential dramatic run-ins

Whether it’s running into an ex boyfriend, an arch nemesis, an awkward one night stand or a family member that for some reason still holds a grudge, there are many possible reasons why your bridesmaid may not want to attend so that she can avoid drama. If one of your bridesmaids approaches you about potential dramatic disaster that could happen if she partakes in your wedding, sit down with her and talk rationally about what is bothering her. If she’s worried about running into a specific person, assure her that she will be seated as far away as possible from that person and that if they start any drama, they will be escorted away immediately. Once you have reassured your bridesmaid that everything will be fine, speak to the person she is worried about and tell them that you expect them to be on their best behavior given that it is your special day.

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