5 DIY Tips to Make Your Wedding Affordable

bridebox anza leather wedding album

BrideBox makes a couple’s budget and personal style top priorities,” says Chanan Steinhart, CEO of BrideBox.  “Keeping that in mind, BrideBox has developed five suggestions for the budget-savvy and DIY couple to consider in making their day as special as they are.”

Check out these tips to make your wedding personal, affordable and unique.

1. Create your own wedding album:

This one comes after the big day, but is a huge check off the to-do list leading up to it.  In less time than your reception will last, use BrideBox to create your own professional-looking wedding album, minus that professional price tag.  With bridebox’s  free and easy to use album software, creating your wedding album might very well be the simplest part of your wedding process.  With a range of affordable wedding albums to choose from, BrideBox puts your style, personality and budget at the forefront.

Leather Wedding Album

2. Design table numbers out of pictures:

Shower your guests with warm images of the couple they have gathered to celebrate. Choose favorite pictures of you as a couple, your favorite things (perhaps your pet!), and cut the photos into block numbers.  Back the numbers with cardboard or cardstock paper, and create a unique, fun way for your guests to identify their table.


3. Utilize dried flowers:

Envision your flower girl tossing handfuls of petals or walking down a flower-lined aisle but don’t want to stretch that flower budget?  Save on fresh flowers and make use of bouquets you receive throughout your engagement.  Press and dry the flowers ahead of time and use them to fill your flower girl’s basket, decorate your aisle or be showered with as you step out as a just-married couple!

Wedding Photography

4. Create crafty kissing balls:

Floral Kissing balls are a staple decoration for weddings, but instead of ordering fresh flower kissing balls from your florist, get crafty and make them with colorful tissue paper!  Tissue paper, which comes in nearly every color imaginable, retails for as low as $1 a roll.  You can fold and roll the tissue paper to make mini rosettes or scrunch to look like hydrangeas.  Then hot glue or pin them onto a round Styrofoam ball.  Attach a ribbon or wire and hang them as decoration! To learn how to make floral tissue kissing balls click here

wedding tissue kissing balls

5. Get creative with the guestbook:

For the vintage-inspired bride, fish around local thrift stores or even a great aunt or uncle’s basement for an old typewriter.  Arrange the typewriter on a table and feed long sheets of paper.  Have your guests type their message, and after the wedding, roll the sheet up as a scroll and tie with a ribbon the color of your wedding scheme.   Not interested in vintage?  Gather a large Mason jar and set out colored or patterned index cards for your guests to sign.  Cap the jar and keep it as a memento to reach in and grab a sentiment anytime you want to recall your special day.

Wedding photos of bride and groom

Hope you enjoyed these tips

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