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Are you recently married, or currently planning your wedding? Here at BrideBox, the leader in design-it-yourself wedding albums, we want to help other brides share in your experiences, thoughts, ideas and hear all about your wedding!

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By sharing your wedding experiences, you will help other brides with the wedding process. What were some challenges and surprises you discovered in wedding planning? Did you have vendors or resources you absolutely could not have lived without or you would use again? What do wish a bride would have told you before starting the process?

To participate, simply

  • Review the list of questions below
  • Take a few minutes to fill them out with your own personal blend of wisdom, experience, personal examples you’d like to share.
  • Return to us preferably with a (wedding) photo! We want to see you on your day!
  • Please send your unique wedding experience to
  1. What is the one single most important advice you wish somebody gave you before you started this wedding/process?
  2. What are the top three tips you would give a bride starting to organize her wedding?
  3. What was the most stressful part of organizing your wedding? most stressful part of your wedding?
  4. Would you organize your budget differently? Where would you cut? Where would you add?
  5. Is there anything you would have changed?
  6. What surprised you the most about planning a wedding?
  7.  What was the most useful resource/s you had? Friends? Magazine/s? online blogs? Commercial sites? Other?
  8. What blogs did you read and found most useful while planning your wedding?
  9. What is your pet name for your fiancé?

We would like to share your gained wisdom with other new brides. These responses are purely and only for sharing on our blog, and not for sales purposes. BrideBox will never share your personal information with third parties.

Thank you for participating

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