6 Bridal Accessories That You Will Fall in Love With!

bridal accessories - julie paisley photography
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No bridal look is complete without adding the perfect accessories. Even when they are minimalist, they lend a unique touch to the bridal wear and help the bride look elegant. From statement jewelry to customized heirloom garters, here’s a lowdown of some of the best bridal accessories that can take any wedding from blah to fantastic.

bridal accessories - michelle beller

Photo Credit: Michelle Beller Photography

1) Wedding Jewelry

No list of bridal accessories is complete without mentioning jewelry!

Statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, shoulder epaulettes, tiara, body chains, wedding headpieces, jeweled sash, belts, bracelets or one-of-a-kind sets are some of the popular picks for brides.

While choosing the trinkets, remember to compliment your wedding outfit without going overboard. Taking into consideration the neckline of the dress, the color of the metal, the theme of the wedding and the type of jewelry is also important.

It’s obvious that planning and shopping for your wedding day baubles need to be done well-in-advance. However, if you are running short of time, you can even narrow down the search by ordering some of the essential picks like the neckpieces or earrings online.

This also helps when you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on jewelry alone!

bridal accessories - merari photography

Photo Credit: Merari Photography

2) Bridal Shoes

Another staple in every bride’s wedding accessories list is bridal shoes. Obviously, you need to go for the most glamorous pair that you can find but without ditching comfort for style.

After all, you wouldn’t want to step into a pair of stylish yet painful stilettos only to take them off between the ceremony! And it won’t even help you when you want to dance the night away at the reception!

Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes to wear throughout your wedding. If you’re having a beach ceremony or on a lawn, ditch the heels for wedges or even flats. Wear heels only when you’re sure of carrying them off easily along with your wedding wear.

Likewise, you can also wear heels for the ceremonies and switch to flats after you’re done posing for the photographs and need to relax.

bridal accessories - anna roussos

Photo Credit: Anna Roussos

3) Flower Power

Contrary to the popular belief, flowers are not just restricted to the summery, beachy or country themes! Apart from carrying a bouquet, you can also wear them in your hair to make your hairstyle more alluring. Select floral wreaths, headbands, vines, a cluster of flowers or a single bloom for your hair and amp up the ‘flower power’ on your big day. Alternatively, you can match the flower with groom’s boutonnière as a romantic gesture!

The best part is that it works best with almost every kind of wedding themes and add a dash of color to your wedding garb.

bridal accessories - coco tran

Photo Credit: Coco Tran

4) Bridal Veil

The wedding veil is another must-have bridal accessory.

Ideally, decide on the veil well in advance and go for a few trials like wearing different veils with different hairstyles. Try different veil styles, lengths, materials, and make sure that it matches the wedding dress and other accessories. You can settle for a blusher, birdcage, mantilla or a Juliet cap to add a classic touch.

Choosing the veil early on gives you more time to either buy the perfect veil or get one custom made to match your wedding day look.

bridal accessories - kate ignatowski photography

Photo Credit: Kate Ignatowski Photography

5) Wedding Garter

For those of you who want to include something blue in your wedding attire, a garter is the perfect accessory that will help you do so.

Although the wedding garter is concealed under their dresses or gowns, brides-to-be can either customize them to match their personalities or just keep it simple. For instance, you can opt for geeky garters or simple ribbon and lace garters embroidered with the date of the wedding.

Many brides love to flaunt their garter in the photos, which is why they opt for a sexier looking one usually made from satin, silk or lace with intricate details. Heirloom garters made from the wedding dress of a family member to honor them are also quite common find favor with the brides.

wedding accessories - caroline lima photography

Photo Credit: Caroline Lima Photography

6) Wedding Umbrella

Wedding umbrellas are an intrinsic part of many cultures around the world and are associated with good luck and not just for keeping the rains away!

You can use a bridal umbrella during the ceremony, giveaway sets of umbrellas to the bridesmaids or even use them for the photo-shoots.

bridal accessories - erin j saldana photography

Photo Credit: Erin J Saldana

Clear bubble umbrellas are one of the popular choices for giving your wedding the ultra-modern twist. If you wish to travel back in time, vintage lace trimmed ones or pagoda parasols will do the trick as they look classy and unique!

Even ruffled parasols and umbrellas with quirky prints and shapes are great additions and work as the perfect bridal accessory.

bridal accessories - julie paisley photography

Photo Credit: Julie Paisley Photography

These are some of the bridal accessories, which we’re sure every bride-to-be will fall in love with! Which of these caught your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

Author Bio:

Swara Segal is a freelance writer and blogger by profession. She ardently follows the fashion industry and enjoys doling out tips on the latest trends. She loves collecting diamond rings, has an excellent understanding of the various fashion jewelry designs and patterns, and knows about the perfect gemstones to go with them. In her free time, she loves to cook for family and friends and enjoys photographing nature with her cam.

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