Bitcoin Gift Card – A Unique and Lasting Gift

Nobody knows where and when the price of bitcoin can go from here. In 2013 it cost you $100 to buy one Bitcoin. In 2015 it took only $250 to buy that one bitcoin. In July 2017 price was at $2,750 and then by year end shot to $20,000, just to collapse back to around $4,000 of the time we are writing this article, early 2019.

Nobody really know where Bitcoin will go from here but exactly because of this it makes it a unique and cool gift idea, in a world that there are few cool gift ideas left.

If these price swings are part of a cyclical growth of bitcoin your lasting Gift Bitcoin Gift card can become a unique and valuable in the future.

Bitcoin is the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency and can easily become the “digital gold” of the future for lasting store of value, especial if and when the conventional financial market will go through their next 2008.

Buying a large amount (or any amount) of Bitcoins is a serious decision and we are not financial advisors to recommend it, nor doing so. Buying a few hundred of dollar as a Bitcoin gift card is a complete different ball game that can make your gist stand out, and maybe, just maybe, can be a nice surprise in the future. One company to offer Bitcoin Gift cards is Lasting Gifts. The service is currently available only in Canada (and only to Canadian).


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