The Best Wedding Welcome Bags To Keep Your Guests Happy

beach themed wedding welcome bag

The term “wedding season” has come to refer to the spring/summertime when many couples choose to tie the knot. As your guests attend wedding after wedding, the routine of arriving and sitting through the ceremony to get to the fun of dinner, drinks and dancing at the reception can become tedious and overwhelming. Wedding welcome bags are a recent trend that are becoming more and more popular so that guests feel a bit more relaxed and excited for the day. We’ve compiled the best goodies to include in your welcome bags to keep your guests happy and comfortable. These items are inexpensive and simple, but will definitely make your guests smile.

1. Itinerary

A schedule of events is an item you absolutely should include in each guest’s welcome bag. By doing so, each guest will know what to expect in terms of duration and content for the entire day. This will offer them peace of mind so that they aren’t wondering how much longer they’ll have to be sitting in those uncomfortable seats and when they can go use the restroom.  You can make these itineraries match your wedding’s overall theme and print them on cute stationary to add a touch of creativity to an otherwise simple item.

wedding itinerary schedule

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2. Beverages

Whether you are holding an indoor or outdoor wedding, your guests will get thirsty during your ceremony. At the minimum you should consider including a small bottle of water in your guests’ welcome bags. If you’d like to include something more special, soda, juice or mini bottles of alcohol are great options as well. Make a bloody Mary mixer kit by including tomato juice, Tabasco and vodka, or pair a mini bottle of Jack Daniels with a small can of Coke. Your guests will definitely appreciate the fact that you’ve thought about them and taken their comfort into consideration when planning your big day.

wedding welcome bag alcohol bloody mary kit

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3. Snacks

Weddings often start long before dinner will be served, so including a small snack or two in your guest’s welcome bag will be much appreciated. Items like crackers, raisins and nuts will keep well and hold your guests over until it’s time for the reception. Candy or baked goods are also crowd favorites. You don’t want your guests to get too full from snacking at your ceremony, so make sure the items you include are small. You can even order custom labels to include on your treats to make them unique for your wedding day.

wedding snacks

Photo Credit: Jet Fete

4. Spa and bath products

Something nice to include in welcome bags that guests will enjoy are travel-sized spa and bath products, such as nice lotions, soaps, scrubs, candles or lip balms. These are especially useful if a lot of your guests are traveling to your wedding from out of town, whether it’s a destination wedding or not. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, sunscreen is a good idea too since many guests may not anticipate needing it before arriving at your wedding. Little products like these are a nice way to give your guests a little thank you gift for attending your wedding before the entire day unfolds.

custom wedding favors soap

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5. Fun themed items

If your wedding has a theme, throwing in a few related items to go along with the theme is a fun touch. For example, a nautical themed wedding might have anchor or sailboat related items while a tropical destination wedding may include a beach towel or flip flops. If your ceremony is outside, sunglasses are an inexpensive item that will definitely come in handy. Get creative and let your personalities shine!

beach themed wedding welcome bag

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6. Something for the day after

A popular trend in wedding welcome bags is hangover remedies for the day after. Your guests will have likely consumed some alcohol during the reception and may wake up hurting from the festivities. Aspirin, water and do-not-disturb door hangers are a small gesture that can go a long way the morning after. These do-not-disturb signs are cute and inexpensive to make on your own or order online.

do not disturb sign wedding

Photo Credit: Etsy

7. Thank you note

A short and sweet thank you note is the perfect thing to round up the welcome goody bag. Your guests are your closest friends and family who are there to celebrate this momentous occasion with you. You’ll want to show your gratitude to them for making the day even more special by being there for you. They’ll appreciate a nice reminder of why they love and support you as they sit down at your ceremony.

thank you note wedding welcome bag

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