7 Things NOT to DIY at Your Wedding

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Do-it-yourself, or DIY, is becoming more and more prevalent as crafty people try their hand at creating things that would normally cost an arm and a leg to have done by a professional. While we here at BrideBox are huge proponents of DIY, there are some things that should be left to the experts. Here are seven things NOT to DIY at your wedding.

1. Food

You or one of your family members may be the ultimate dinner party host, but catering a wedding is on a totally different level. Even if you think you can handle making enough food for all of your guests in a buffet style, having it all ready at the right time is an extraordinary task that catering companies have down to a science. If you have a specific family recipe that you want to include, rest assured that a catering company will be able to replicate it. Let the professionals take care of the food (including the cake!) so that you don’t have to worry about burning or undercooking anything in addition to all the other things you have to worry about on your wedding day.

Wedding catering food

Photo Credit: Catering Reviews

2. Photography

We all know people who have a fancy DSLR camera and enjoy taking photographs as a hobby that think they are capable of shooting something as extravagant as a wedding. Although you may not want to hurt Uncle Joe’s feelings by telling him you won’t be needing his services, hiring a professional photographer is an absolute must. The pictures that a professional will take will accurately depict the emotion and joy of the day in a stunning and high-quality manner.  Professional photographers not only have the best equipment, but a trained eye that will know when and where to take the best photos. When the wedding is over and all of the other details no longer matter, your wedding photos are the one lasting keepsake from your special day. Don’t DIY this aspect of your wedding.

Professional wedding photographer

Photo Credit: Digital Camera World

3. Bar

Coming up with your own signature cocktail for your wedding is part of the fun of planning, but figuring out what to buy and in what quantity can be very complicated. You’ll likely need champagne for toasting, wine for dinner and spirits for the reception. In addition to all of the alcohol, you’ll also need ice, garnishes, straws and napkins. Putting together your own bar may seem easy initially, but there are many components involved that it’s best to hire a bartender to handle the logistics.

Wedding reception bar bartender

Photo Credit: iWedPlanner

4. Flowers

Fancy yourself a gardener? Unless you’re only planning on having one bouquet for yourself, cutting and arranging your own flowers is a hefty task. For a typical wedding, there are multiple bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and decorations that require several different types of flowers all in the peak of their bloom. Arranging flowers in bouquets and other floral arrangements takes a lot of time and attention to detail and is a job better left to the experts.

Wedding bouquet flower arrangement

Photo Credit: Springwell Gardens

5. Music

We’ve commented before on why you shouldn’t DJ your own wedding, but it bears reiterating again: using an iPod to DJ your wedding and reception is a big no-no. Relying on a piece of technology like that for such an integral part of your special day is a huge risk. By hiring a professional DJ or band to provide entertainment, you’ll also have someone acting as an emcee, making announcements throughout the wedding. Hired entertainment will also be able to take requests for songs that you may have left off of your iPod.

Professional wedding DJ

Photo Credit: Digital DJ Tips

6. Dress

We understand that finding your perfect wedding dress is a daunting task, and it may seem like your perfect dress just doesn’t exist. Regardless of how many successful Halloween costumes you’ve made in the past, making your own dress from scratch is not something you want to do for your wedding dress. If you’re unable to find a dress that fully suits your needs, find one that is close and take it to a professional tailor or seamstress to have it customized into your dream gown.

Making a wedding dress

Photo Credit: Craft and Sew Studio

7. Hair

There is a reason why hairstylists are trusted professionals. You may have perfected your date night hairstyle, but generally wedding day hairstyles are more elaborate than the day-to-day look. Hiring a professional hairstylist will ensure that you have the exact perfect hairstyle that you want on your wedding day, for you and your bridesmaids. Don’t risk having a bad hair day on one of the most important days of your life and be sure to hire a professional.

Hairstylist bridal hair

Photo Credit: TK Imaging

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