Did These 21 Wedding Cake Smashes Go Too Far?

wedding photo cake smash

Smashing wedding cake into your new spouse’s face is one of those age-old wedding traditions that seems a little strange, but actually dates back to the ancient Romans who believed that breaking the cake over the bride’s head would bring good luck to the couple’s marriage and fertility. Nowadays, it’s a delicious way for the bride and groom to relax a bit and have fun on their special day. These 21 cake smashes were perfectly captured by the wedding photographer and truly represent the happiness and joy of the moment.

1. This bride and groom got each other at the same time, making this picture perfect moment.

trash the dress cake smash

Photo Credit: It’s A Bride’s Life

2. We’re guessing that green cake is going to be a tough job for the dry cleaner tomorrow!

bride smashes wedding cake in grooms face

Photo Credit: Isle of Wight

3. Even our men in uniform can have a good time smashing cake on their wedding days!

military wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: United With Love

4. This bride knew exactly what she was doing when she smashed the cake into her new hubby.

bride groom wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Leap Year Photo

5. It looks like this bride caught her groom by surprise when she smashed cake into his face!

surprise wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Wallflower Photo

6. This couple is way too cute with their own version of wedding cake “got your nose.”

adorable wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Weddings Magazine

7. The best man stepped in to hold the groom back so that the bride could give him a proper cake smashing.

wedding photo cake smash

Photo Credit: Wallflower Photo

8. These newlyweds prepared themselves for the wedding cake smash by covering the wedding dress and suit with plastic.

wedding cake smashing

Photo Credit: United With Love

9. We’re guessing this bride won’t be smiling so happily when she realizes her makeup is now smeared with cake.

happy wedding day cake smash

Photo Credit: Creartsy Photography

10. This couple sealed the wedding cake smash with a kiss.

wedding cake smash kiss

Photo Credit: Ovation Images

11. This lucky couple had Mickey and Minnie witness their wedding cake smash.

Disneyland wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Classic Disc Jockeys

12. This beautiful couple perfectly coordinated their wedding cake smash.

smash wedding cake

Photo Credit: Spark Photography

13. This bride clearly takes pleasure in aggressively shoving cake into her groom’s face.

aggressive wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: It’s A Bride’s Life

14. These newlyweds look positively thrilled to have cake smeared all over their faces.

happy couple wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Melinda’s Memoirs

15. Though this groom had his defense up with a napkin, this happy bride still got to smash some cake in his face.

cutting wedding cake smash

Photo Credit: Steve Koo Photography

16. This bride and groom look like they’re about to break out into a food fight!

wedding cake food fight

Photo Credit: Jon Fleming Photography

17. Looks like this bride got her sweet revenge on her groom!

wedding cake smash revenge

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee

18. This groom knew exactly what he was doing as he smashed cake into his bride’s face.

wedding couple cake smash

Photo Credit: Wallflower Photo

19. This bride looks rather pleased with herself after smashing some cake into her groom’s face.

fun wedding tradition cake smash

Photo Credit: Kendall Pavan Photography

20. You can tell by the look on the bride’s face that she’s enjoying the cake smash very much!

wedding photo idea cake smash

Photo Credit: Ovation Images

21. This man in uniform smashed his entire face into the cake!

best wedding cake smash photo

Photo Credit: Apple Tree Studios

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