20 Creative Ways To Save The Date

unique save the date
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One of the first steps when planning the perfect wedding is sending out the perfect Save the Dates! These notices are a simple way to inform people that you have chosen your wedding date and that you would like for them to reserve that date on their calendars for you. Save the Date notifications typically should be sent out six to eight months before your big day, and they’re a great opportunity for you and your partner to showcase your personalities with a creative and fun announcement. Here are 20 of the most creative ways to tell your wedding guests to Save the Date.

1. Make your Save the Date interactive by making these fun confetti poppers! Guests will be surprised and delighted at the fun way you’ve decided to tell them about your wedding.

save the date ideas

Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day

2. Are you and your fiancé football fans? Make these adorable custom jerseys to announce your wedding date to your friends and family. You can make this idea work with any type of sports jersey, so choose the one that best fits your personalities.

sports ideas wedding save the date

Photo Credit: Wedding Bells

3. Are you and your partner avid board game fans? Combine Scrabble tiles with your engagement ring to spell out your Save the Date.

unique save the date

Photo Credit: Jenica Sparks

4. If one of you or a friend is good at Photoshop, you can create your own version of a movie poster for your Save the Dates. This couple chose to emulate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith for their reminders.

save the date wedding

Photo Credit: The Bridal Detective

5. Plastic figurines and toys are a cute way to announce to your loved ones that you’re planning on tying the knot. Include a champagne bottle, faux diamond rings and a miniature bride and groom along with a printed announcement to inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials.

save the date wedding invitations

Photo Credit: Emmaline Bride

6. Incorporate nature in your Save the Date by writing on a beautiful maple leaf. If maple leaves are not available, any other large leaf would work well too. Use glitter glue or metallic pens to write out a simple message and your wedding date, pose strategically behind the leaf and snap a photo!

creative save the dates

Photo Credit: Pinterest

7. Another fun interactive Save the Date for your guests: send out paper dolls with clothes to dress them up in.

save the date idea

Photo Credit: Happiness Is

8. A postcard is a great way to notify your guests of your upcoming wedding – simply create your own postcard template with the wedding location and include all the important details on the other side.

postcard save the date

Photo Credit: Creative Market

9. Remember old school paper maps? Create your own with the wedding venue and any other important locations marked on a map of the region in which you’re getting married.

wedding save the date

Photo Credit: Creative Market

10. What better way to celebrate than with balloons? Print your wedding date and a cute message on colorful balloons and send them out to your guests.

cute save the date ideas

Photo Credit: OneWed

11. Lotto scratchers are such a creative way to tell your guests to Save the Date! You can print your wedding location in the scratch off area so that your guests can guess where you’re tying the knot.

wedding save the date lotto scratchers

Photo Credit: Oh So Beautiful Paper

12. We love these hidden messages that require special glasses to decode! Your guests will definitely remember these Save the Dates.

wedding save the date message

Photo Credit: Venue Safari

13. DIY this cute little toy to include in your envelopes along with a regular Save the Date card. When your guests twist the strings and pull, they’ll see an image of a heart and arrow with your initials!

unique wedding save the date

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

14. Get creative with chalk on your street by drawing accessories or pictures to go along with your wedding date! This is an inexpensive and easy to DIY way to notify your guests to reserve the date on their calendars.

chalk drawing save the date

Photo Credit: Confetti Daydreams

15. Literally tie the knot with this super creative Save the Date idea! As your guests open up their cards, a piece of string will tie into a knot, creating the perfect symbol for your marriage.

tie the knot save the date

Photo Credit: Indulgy

16. Print your wedding date on biodegradable seed paper so that your guests can plant the paper in soil after they’ve marked your date on their calendars! This is a great way to combine your Save the Date with a small gift.

creative wedding save the date

Photo Credit: Pinterest

17. If you want to get crafty with your Save the Dates, you can DIY these cool film canisters to send out to your guests. As they pull the strip, the “film” will come out with all of the information your guests need.

best save the date ideas

Photo Credit: Oh So Lovely

18. Turn your favorite board game into a story of you and your partner! Your invitees will learn about how you two came to be who you are today while also receiving all the necessary details of your big day.

board game save the date

Photo Credit: Layered Bake Shop

19. Are either of you a big crossword buff? Create your very own with clues leading to the wedding details with this creative Save the Date idea.

crossword puzzle wedding invitations

Photo Credit: Etsy

20. These pop up Save the Date cards are beautiful and unique. Your guests will definitely remember to put the date on their calendars!

modern wedding save the date

Photo Credit: Pounding Mill Press

We hope these 20 unique Save the Dates will inspire you to truly let your personalities shine in your wedding planning process. From interactive activities and games for your guests to beautifully detailed notices, these Save the Dates prove that there’s no limit to how innovative and original yours can be. This is a great opportunity to set the tone for what your wedding will be like, so it’s time to get the creative juices flowing!

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