15 Wedding Centerpieces That Don’t Break the Bank

succulent wedding centerpieces
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The ceremony is over and it’s finally time for dinner and celebration. As you are off taking pictures, all of your guests head to their tables. While they wait for you to be introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs., they meet their fellow table-mates and admire all of your decorations and months of planning. What you might not realize in all of that planning is that the decoration that they’ll see for the longest amount of time are your centerpieces. That being said, traditional floral centerpieces are a major cost and typically only last for that one day. Instead, we’re giving you 15 alternative wedding centerpieces that are budget-friendly and longer-lasting.

1. Succulent Wedding Centerpieces

Not only is this a great way to create a green wedding, but it is also a long-lasting option. After your wedding, plant your succulents in your yard or garden so you can continue to reminisce on your big day.

succulent wedding centerpieces

Photo Credit: Edyta Szyszlo

2. Multi-use Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bridesmaids bouquets are beautiful but quickly forgotten about after the ceremony. Instead of keeping them as placeholders, use them to fill your vases.

bridesmaids bouquets

Photo Credit: Sharalee Prang Photography

3. Picture Frames

The options are endless here. You can have your guests take a walk through your past with baby pictures of you both, or you can opt for pictures taken throughout your relationship, including your engagement pictures. Another idea is to instead add sayings, song lyrics or bible verses that mean the most to you.

picture frame centerpieces

Photo Credit: Katch Studios

4. Candles and Garlands

Nothing is more simple and elegant than a long garland draped across the table. Sprinkle in some differing heights of candles and call it a day!


Photo Credit: You Are My True

5. Unique Aquarium

An aquarium is a unique and fun alternative for your centerpiece. Consider adding a long stemmed flower and some stained glass in addition to a beta fish!


6. Themed Trinkets

Are you leaning toward a more colorful and fun wedding? Tickets, candy bowls, and legos could add an interactive yet romantic carnival feel! Or, are you considering a vintage-styled wedding? If that’s the case, antique lanterns, clocks, and scarves could be right up your alley! This is a great opportunity for you to get creative and link your wedding theme into your reception tables.

themed wedding centerpieces

Photo Credit: Sara France

7. Seasonal Wedding Centerpieces

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s hard not to think about incorporating seasonal wedding decorations. If you’re adding a touch of fall to your wedding, pumpkins are the perfect addition. If you’re focusing on the winter season, ornaments are a great idea!


Photo Credit: Anna Sawin Photography

8. Balloons

Yes, this one is a little outside of the box, but bear with us, it has a gorgeous result:

balloon wedding centerpiece

Photo Credit: Ann-Kathrin Koch

9. Romantic Floating Flowers and Candles

Clear bowls (long, short, round, square – up to you!) sprinkled with some of your favorite flowers and an assortment of floating candles adds a romantic and ethereal touch to your centerpieces.

floating candles centerpiece

Photo Credit: Heidi Ryder Photography

10. Sheet Music

Print out the lyrics for your favorite songs, the first dance song and/or the father-daughter/ mother-son dance to display on every table.

sheet music

Photo Credit: Iliana Morton

11. Citrus Bowls

Simple, budget-friendly, classic, yet unique. You really can’t go wrong with adding citrus bowls to your wedding.

citrus bowl

Photo Credit: Sunglow Photography

12. Your Favorite Books

Are you a bookworm? Bring a part of your library to your wedding and make stacks of books your focal point. Mix and match or even run to a second-hand store and stock up on some classics! At the end of the night, you can also allow your guests to take one of the books home with them (maybe even with a surprise message from you and your new hubby inside!).


Photo Credit: Nadia D Photography

13. Lanterns

Nautical, vintage, modern, oriental, there are so many options! Our favorite idea is to include sky lanterns on every table so your guests can sign them with well-wishes for the happy couples and then release them into the air during your exit!

sky lantern

Photo Credit: Sky Lanterns

14. Wine Bottles

Instead of having a guestbook table, you can add a unique and fun wedding guest book that also doubles as a centerpiece to your table! Wine bottles with sharpies are the perfect option! Another idea is to paint them your wedding colors and add sticks of candles in the hole to melt over the edges and add a beautiful, yet authentic touch.

wine bottle centerpiece

Photo Credit: Sonya Khegay Photography

15. Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? Extend your wedding cocktail hour games to your reception by including them on all of the tables! Connect Four, Jenga, Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, the options are endless!

board games wedding centerpiece

Photo Credit: Elissa R Photography

Let your creative juices flow with these options. Many of our brides love doing something similar to this to add an extra flair that their guests will remember for a lifetime!

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