12 Creative Something Old Items For Brides

Traditionally, a bride is supposed to have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue with her on her wedding day for good luck. Something old represents continuity with the bride’s family and past.

Keeping up with this tradition can seem like an overwhelming task, but asking your family about what they used and how they can help make your “something old”, something special is a great way to start. From your mother’s pearls to grandma’s veil there is sure to be an option that is right for you.

According to tradition, this will bring good fortune and happiness to your new marriage.

Check out our creative list of 12 Something Old items you can use for your wedding day

  1. Print photos of loved ones who are no longer with us and display them in an antique locket or pendant so that they can be there in spirit. You can either wear them around your neck as a necklace or hang them on your bridal bouquet.




  1. Take family heirloom jewelry and have a professional convert them to hairpieces or new pieces of jewelry so that you can wear them with your wedding day outfit. For example, an old necklace can be repurposed into a pair of earrings or a bracelet, or a beautiful vintage brooch can be turned into the perfect hair accessory.


  1. If accessories and hairpieces aren’t your things, you can take family heirloom jewelry and have it sewn directly onto your wedding dress. A pearl necklace would make amazing pearl detail on any wedding dress, or jewelry with gemstones can easily be deconstructed and sewn onto your bridal gown.


  1. If you’re set on your wedding day outfit and don’t want to add any accessories, perfume is a great way to add something old to your day. You can wear an old perfume that you’ve had forever or the scent that you were wearing when you first met or on your first date.

The familiar scent will surely pleasantly surprise your groom when he smells it on you!



  1. Keep your something old a secret from outsiders. Wear your favorite pair of underwear underneath your wedding dress that isn’t brand new, so it counts as something old! If you wear blue underwear, that can even double as your something blue.


  1. An old handkerchief that belonged to somebody close to you, such as a grandparent or parent, can be beautifully wrapped around your bouquet. Or have it cut into any shape and have your seamstress sew it into the inner lining of your wedding dress so it’ll truly be a part of your wedding day outfit.

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


  1. Vintage glam is a popular wedding trend, so if that’s your style you can find a vintage wedding dress, veil, or gloves to wear on your big day. If someone in your family has an article of clothing you love, that would add extra sentimental value to the day.

  1. Your mother or grandmother may be set on you wearing her wedding dress on your big day, but what if the dress is completely not in style and not to your taste at all?

You can still use part of the dress as something old in your wedding by taking parts of the fabric, especially lace, to create accessories for your modern outfit.

For example, you can make a lace headband or headpiece, or you can wrap pieces of the old fabric around your bridal bouquet.



  1. An old wedding veil passed down through generations, or simply the veil your mother wore, is a creative idea. Veils are making a comeback and are a beautiful way to honor your family. Make the veil your own by adding intimate details to match your dress, this will also save money!

10. Your something old doesn’t have to be something that was passed down to you from your relatives. You can use something of your own! Wear your favorite pair of heels or shoes for your walk down the aisle– they count as something old! Your perfect wedding shoe might be closer then you think!



11. A vintage family car is a great way to incorporate this old tradition in a new way. This gives you the chance to add a classy touch to your wedding finale while keeping the tradition alive. Add your special touches by decorating the wedding car with old photos and flowers. This is a wedding vintage that is also a great photo backdrop.




  1. If you need an idea that brings your family traditions and morals together, consider your family Bible. A great way to incorporate a family heirloom into your special day. If you want to use your family bible differently, swap out the ring bearer pillow instead, displaying your rings on top of the book.

There are many things you can use on your wedding day to incorporate this tradition. Ask your family what items are special to them, or what they used on their day. Old traditions can make their way into creative wedding memories with just a little bit of help.




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